Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


Endless Space 2 has - as far as I’m concerned - pretty interesting ship design mechanics.

The downside is that balance is so all over the place that there are only a few modules worth using. And the AI is awful at that part especially.


In regards to release date speculation, a couple things make it sound like it’s getting close.

They’ve covered all the features coming in the patch/expansion now, and sounds like they have an internal date set. Will be curious if this or Man the Guns can make it out before the holidays or if they both have to wait for January.


MTG they still haven’t talked about the core combat changes, so I’d put MegaCorp as closer to release. Also I get the sense Stellaris has a bigger team than HoI4.


I had to abandon my previous game. I finally accepted that I had zero shot against the awakened empires, and i should have tried to snuf at least one of them out earlier on.

Started again with the same nation… I like lots of nations and things going on, so I maxed out fallen empires on a a huge spiral map with as many AI nations as I could jam in there.

My fledgling tree people have 4 directions to expand. Three of those are blocked by fallen empires. I don’t mind that early on like this, because I don’t have to bother fortifying those directions, and I have a lot of space to claim without any concerns about other nations. I will be more aggressive about clearing those fallen empires out once I get a fleet strong enough to chip away at them. Meanwhile, my whole attention is focused on making sure the one open expansion direction doesn’t get blocked in, so I’m fighting an early war to clear a path.


ItsHappening.gif !!!

Looks like they will be announcing the release date on Nov 20.


So it’s an announcement to announce the date of the announcement?

When did PR become so bottomlessly assinine, anyway? And I know it’s not Pdox in particular, this is an industry-wide thing, but what the hell?


Yes, they will be announcing the release date on Tuesday.


I like how the legalese small print is a game world MegaCorp message but could work as a real world disclaimer. :P


I like this change.

I think that’s a much more interesting way of handling Habitability, whereas before it was just a Happiness reduction. This sort of thing is only possible with the new economic system, but I think it will lead to more Interesting Decisions on when/where to colonize.


It does play out nicely that you probably want to send mostly slaves and supervisors (or robots and supervisors) to your hellhole mining worlds. That world is a resource sink mostly because they tried to build it like a regular world.


Can’t wait to build my sci-fi penal colonies!

I know Tom referred to Stellaris as “bone dry” in his review, but this game has so much great RP potential. I think that’s one of the things that determines whether someone will like or hate the game. I find it full of flavor, but you do have to engage your imagination instead of having preset races/lore, if you know what I mean?

Sorry for the rambling tangent. :)


Available December 6th!

Edit: launch trailer link


Playable December 10th after a hotfix or two.


My aren’t YOU optimistic! :)


Kevin wins.


You guys haven’t figured put that @KevinC is Johan yet! :-)


Thanks for blowing my cover, now I have to get to work on yet another sockpuppet!


So in two weeks I will go from complaining that I can’t play Stellaris because the new patch is coming to complaining that I can’t play Stellaris because of the bugs in the new patch. Once those are fixed I can move back to the comfortable situation of not being able to play Stellaris because I don’t have enough time.


Don’t forget: And I know there’s a new DLC coming, so maybe wait for the “full” experience.


It’s true, I haven’t played Stellaris for the past couple months or so because the new expansion just sounds too good. At least the cadence of their development cycle means that the next DLC is likely going to be a smaller immersion pack instead of a full blown expansion, so I should be able to get in some good playing time until the next new shiny must-have thing comes around. :)