Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


Heh, that was a nice (grim) callback in the trailer. “Large mineral deposits found on former UNE colony”, which is likely in reference to the planet that got cracked open in the Apocalypse trailer.


Stable with no game-breaking bugs some time over the summer, which I guess works for me. Looking forward to it.


I’ve played this game a ton, but my most recent game has had a nasty hard crash every 45 minutes or so. Maybe the expansion will fix that :)


I have the basic game and the Horizon Signal DLC, but haven’t played since then. Would the game be different if I loaded it up, or would I need to spend $60 on expansion content to bring it up to speed?

And speaking of DLC, which ones are worth the price?


Most of the changes are in the base game, so it would be very different if you loaded it up after 2.2 drops. Actually pretty different since Horizon Signal DLC already I think (big changes to FTL in version 2.0).

Maybe see how you like the base game after 2.2 before adding a bunch of DLC? Personally I think they are all worth the price.


It would be very different. Honestly, 85% of the goodies come in the free updates.

I’ll echo what @MikeJ said. When 2.2 comes out in two weeks, jump in and see how you like it. The DLC will be on sale at the same time, so if you want to pick some up then it’ll be cheap.


Thanks for the info!

I seem to recall a problem with the big stack of doom at release. Has anything been done to change the mechanics of having one unstoppably big stack rampaging through the galaxy?


They’ve added fleet limits, so you can only have fleets of certain command sizes.You can still stack these fleets up and move them, but I’ve found that it has been effective and breaking up doom stacks


Apocalypse was the war-themed expansion and the update that coincided with it dealt with warfare’s issues. It included stuff like:

  • Starbases
  • FTL overhaul (it’s hyperlane only now, so you can create chokepoints)
  • Galactic “terrain”
  • Fleet size limits
  • Claims/Causus Belli/War Exhaustion


The biggest change wrt this is that hyper-lane is the only FTL tech now, and you need to cross the system map in STL mode to get from exit point to exit point. That makes movement about the map much slower overall, so it’s harder to have one stack (of fleets) cover your whole empire.

Later you can construct teleportation gates that make it easier to move about a large empire (on the defensive at least).


Coming back to the game after a long layoff and I’m confused about ship building. Playing as humans about 5 years into the game and my shipyard used to show that I could build corvettes, survey ships, and constructor ships. Just went to build another survey ship (I currently have 2) and now survey ships and constructor’s are gone off the build menu?! Only corvettes remain. Am I missing something obvious or does this sound like a bug? Thanks.


Shipyards are for the combat vessels. You build “civilian” ships from planets. This was a change made in Apocalypse.


OK, thanks! I don’t have the Apocalypse expansion but it must also be a change for the regular game whether you have that or not. So I go to the planet screen for those ships. I must have seen that somewhere and then forgotten it already because I did build an extra survey ship earlier. It’s tough getting old!


You are correct, it’s a change in the base 2.0 update that coincided with Apocalypse. I always buy the expansions, so the base update and expansion get lumped together in my brain. :)

In 2.0, Starbases can be upgraded and customized and serve a much larger role. They’re also limited in number, so not every planet will have a starbase. For that reason they moved off the civilian ships to be produced planet-side.


IIRC this has changed again in 2.2. Maybe science and colony ships also built at database?


Oh, really? I haven’t played since the L-cluster DLC thingy, been waiting for MegaCorp. :)


Im talking about megacorp. I seem to recall some screenshot or other where they had moved construction around. Don’t take my word for it though.


My Steam wishlist just lit up with lots of Stellaris DLC on sale. I have Utopia and two other things that I think were free (Anniversary Portraits and Horizon Signal). What do you guys recommend as “must have” DLC if anything. Thanks.


Oh! Duh, misread when you said 2.2. Interesting, I’ll keep my eye out for that!


Buy Synthetic Dawn if you’re interested in playing Robots. Leviathans adds the War in Heaven which can spice up the midgame along with the namesake creatures. Those are both story packs and smaller in scope.

Apocalypse is the second major expansion and the paywalled features are Titans and Colossus ships, the “space Mongols” that also fill out the midgame, as well as some new civics, ascension perks, etc to help customize your race/empire.

Distant Stars I haven’t played, but it was also a smaller story pack. It’s supposed to add a bunch of new anomalies, events, unique star systems, more space monsters, and the L-cluster. Basically more content oriented as opposed to new mechanics oriented like the major expansions are.

What’s a must buy? Whatever piqued your interest the most. :) Paradox has been very generous with Stellaris and giving away a ton of the stuff in the free updates.