Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


OK, thanks Kevin. There are enough race choices I don’t care if I play robots so will pass on Synthetic Dawn. Exploration is fun for me so more anomalies make Distant Stars appealing. From what I read a lot of people said Apocalypse was not worth full price but half price makes it worth it I guess. Will try to read up more on Leviathans before deciding on that one.


Yeah, Apocalypse was massive but they gave away most of it for free in the 2.0 update. That left some people feeling like $20 wasn’t worth the price for the remaining features they paywalled. For me, mentally I just lump them together and taken that way it was very much worth the asking price.


I finally decided to give this a go again. I got it installed, started a new game with the tutorial on, started scanning the neighboring system - and then realized my planet still has tiles. Are planets becoming tileless with the next update? If so, I’ll wait until then. Now I’m cranky because I finally hunkered down to give it a try! :-)


December 6th. :)


Well, I think I’ll read through all the dev diaries. The first couple sound really good.

Is there any indication on how this update is going to affect some of the existing DLC, if it does at all?

Historically does Paradox put their DLC on better discount for holiday sales or new DLC releases?


They update where appropriate. I think there was some minor feature (Unity Ambitions?) moved out of DLC and into the base game. Biological and machine Hive Mind economies are now more distinct from regular empires. Megastructures have changed a bit (at least ringworlds) and more megastructures are available in the base game. I don’t remember if habitats are a base game feature? Those are different as well.

Basically they completely overhauled the economy, so everything that touches on the economy had to be updated, including DLC content.


Seems about sixes, but I haven’t watched too closely since I usually have them already.


yes, the next update on the 6th is the big one for tile removal…i’m waiting for that too

the very first thlng that i hated about this game was the tiles…I"M a damn OVERLORD…not some civil servant


I went with Leviathans, Apocalypse, and Distant Stars, all for about $20. Got an error on installing them but now my library says they are all there. Was expecting new loading screens or some other obvious way to tell if everything actually loaded correctly but didn’t see any such evidence. Any quick way to tell in-game if the new stuff is really all there?


I would think all that stuff would likely have been pre-downloaded in the base game updates you already pulled down. Not owning the DLC just means some features are disabled during play.

You can make sure you’re loaded up and good to go via the launcher, like so:


Thanks again @KevinC. I do see everything on the launcher. It surprised me that Steam only downloaded about 110 MB after I bought all 3 pieces. So saying it was really pre-loaded makes sense. I’ll probably hold off on MegaCorp until I play some with the current game but will look forward to hopefully seeing some reviews of it here.


Thanks for this list, I’ll probably just get all the DLC, cuz I am that guy that needs the complete game. D:


I didn’t think I would ever say this after playing Stellaris at release, but after reading the dev diaries for the update I’m pretty excited to try this again. I seems like the mechanics will be much more interesting. I may bounce off it it again, but they sure made it sound fun!


Woohoo, all aboard for December 6th! I think the changes sound terrific as well. Martin Anward has a great track record since taking over the project, so I’m really looking forward to the update.


Is there a good guide to civ building for the latest version of this game? I always have issues building my civ and having it play the way I expect it to perform.


What is giving you issues specifically?


Dunno, I probably just stink at building civs, so some advice and guidance is what I need. Like take these traits if you want to play this style.


Minerals and Energy boosts are always good. Leader lifespan reduction and reduced experience gain rate are good to take as well to get more traits.

Don’t build resource stations everywhere. I won’t build a mineral station on any 1 or 2 nodes. I won’t build a research station on any 1 nodes.

Same thing for planets. Don’t be afraid to override the natural bonus of a tile (food especially)… Although this advice might be moot.

Optimize your starbases - military only builds for choke points, trading hubs in occupied systems, at least one station optimized for ship building.

Outside of my general opinions on those things, just embrace your nation. Don’t focus in min/maxing too much… just figure out what archetype you want to envision. Everything is viable in this game, in my experience.

If you are still having trouble, I found Robot nation’s to strip out a lot of the complexity.


In anticipation for Stellaris 2.2 (I haven’t played since the last expansion came out in… Feb, I think?) I found a two part series explaining/recapping what looks like most or maybe all of the dev diaries for the free updates, from the removal of tiles to how sectors work now (since there aren’t tiles and thus less micro in general, sectors aren’t needed!) and a few other great little bits of into, like trade and piracy.

I’m nearly done with the second (shorter) video, then I’m going to dive into what looks like a gameplay dev walkthrough for MegaCorp, the expansion coming with 2.2.

So far I really like these changes, and I’m pretty excited to have a reason to dive back into this. Looks excellent.


Yeah those are some major changes. Hope they don’t lead to even more micromanagement of planets.