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Uh oh! Good luck and keep us posted. :)

Jump drives will not. But you will soon be able to build Gateways, and those can solve it. You can change your capital planet, in case in helps trade; it doesn’t really change anything else in a significant way.
I’m thinking you opened a wormhole, not a gateway, by the way you described the situation, and are a little bit more off from building them. Shouldn’t be much, though.

Specializing planets is one of those things (IMHO) that actually does have a noticeable effect on things, unlike (for example) nitpicking your ship design or army composition. However, it’s still (again IMHO) small potatoes compared to where you probably are in the game by the time you can do cool stuff with it. By which I mean, by the time you can bring over the insect people or gene-mod and resettle your own people to max out the mineral bonuses, you’ve probably outstripped your neighbors, so it won’t make a huge difference there, and similarly the fallen empires and crises are still too far away for you to have a shot at. Now, micro-ing your planets will get you to their level sooner* but it’s kind of a pain to micro planets at that scale, I find. So you have to really enjoy the “story” of importing a bunch of alien workers to your planets, etc etc. But I do enjoy that kind of thing, so there.

*So will redesigning your ships, in one of my earlier games I reworked my whole fleet to be a response to their solely-energy-based ships, but I think in some later patch they might have given them more balanced compositions.

If you specialize your planets too much, losing a planet or having one occupied in a war can cause real problems. In a Stellaris war, I find it’s hard to defend everywhere, and you have to expect your enemy will occupy a planet or two while you keep your fleets together and try to win some decisive battles. If you manage that, you can retake your planets in the mop-up stage, but if you were counting on one of those planets for half your energy, you might be in trouble.

Given the development curves in the latest DD, I’m hoping this will no longer be true once the next version releases.

How do you guys handle sprawl? I picked a larger map and there is a lot of open real estate, but grabbing too many systems invites bad effects.

I’ve done some reading and it seems like you can either A) keep your empire small or B) ignore sprawl and grab enough resources from systems to offset it.

If you’re playing the release version (3.2.x), you can mitigate sprawl by building administrative buildings that create Bureaucrat jobs. I can’t remember the exact name of the building, but the job you want is definitely Bureaucrat. Those ‘crats decrease sprawl. Also, some Traditions decrease sprawl, in the Expansion tradition I think. And some species’ traits can reduce sprawl, I think? At least my robots have a sprawl-reduction trait. (Maybe they can compress themselves.)

One big change in the beta patch is that some of these sprawl-mitigation techniques have been nerfed or disabled. On the other hand, sprawl in the beta affects fewer things – research and a couple other things? People are divided on whether these are good changes. I plan to try it for myself after I finish my current game.

How do I settle that race? I’m guessing forced Resettlement? My current ethics preclude that, but if they didn’t, I’m not sure how I’d go about it.

Also, thanks for all the tips on specialization. I’d noticed that the AI assigns specialties to my worlds, but I hadn’t realized I could do that manually. I plan to increase the difficulty for my next game, so I need to get more efficient.

Yeah, forced resettlement if your government type allows it. If not, you could look at constructing robots specialized in a particular resource or genemodding the population on that planet. Depending on which way I’m going, I typically have modded (EDIT: to clarify I mean in gene-modded, not game mods) robots or species templates that I apply to certain worlds. It’s not essential to manage at that level but if you’re looking to squeeze more minerals/energy/research/whatever out of a planet it can make a difference. :)

Ah OK, thanks for the explanation!

I just finished reading the entire AI++ devblog thread. One of the AI devs has been active answering questions throughout the thread. It’s really great to see an open discussion about AI by a developer. Apparently about half the AI improvements are already in the beta, and people are saying the improvements are noticeable. One more reason to try the beta.

Hmm, maybe so? I’ll check again. Also, if I can learn to construct Gateways, that would indeed solve my split-empire problem – which is HUGELY entertaining, I have to add. The latest development is that my former Federation partner, to my west, has suddenly laid claim to half the systems in my stranded western region. It makes sense – they’re cut off from me, and they’re right on his border. So fun.

Starbase/Naval Capacity question. Is there a way to increase Starbase capacity beyond the tech research (and I think 1 perk)? Also is there something beyond tech research and anchorages (I think one of the perks hits here as well) for naval capacity? Trying to figure out how the hell you would combat a 300k fleet like some I’ve seen running around.

@KevinC the other FE was still just minding their own business, and the fanatics decided to start on someone else I guess, or it started that while this other event was taking place. We got the interdimensional event and it was on the opposite side of the galaxy from myself and the two FEs. They were tearing through folks over there, and that eventually woke up the second FE who are benevolent interventionists. Everyone pitched in to kill off the invaders and kill the portal, and seeing the size of FE fleets I signed up to be the flunky of the benevolent interventionists for the time being. I have the perks that improve my fighting them and endgame forces, but my 50k fleets will still melt against the behemoths they are running around. The most I could hope for is to maybe win a battle or two at one of the two citadel chokepoints where they would likely come in. I will probably start another game at this point once I figure out what I should be doing for the naval bits.

You can increase Starbase capacity via tech. You also get more Starbases based on how many systems you own as well as other factors. Here’s the breakdown:

The base starbase capacity is 3, which can be increased by the following:

  • +1 for every 10 systems owned by the empire
  • +2 Menu icon traditions.png adopting the Unyielding tradition tree
  • +2 Tradition unyielding fortress doctrine.png Fortress Doctrine from Tradition icon unyielding.png Unyielding tradition tree
  • +2 Tech galactic ambitions.png Stellar Expansion technology
  • +2 Tech manifest destiny.png Manifest Destiny technology
  • +2 Menu icon edicts.png Fortify the Border edict
  • +4 Civic trading posts.png Trading Posts civic
  • +5 Ap reach for the stars.png Grasp the Void ascension perk
  • +10 Mod shroud unavailable.png Covenant: End of the Cycle
  • +1 Tech repeatable improved starbase capacity.png Interstellar Expansion repeatable technology (can only be researched 5 times)
  • +2 for each Strategic Coordination Center level, except the site of the megastructure (Total: +6 )

Naval capacity can be increased by jobs, techs, traditions, civics, etc. Look to add Soldier jobs to your planets to increase naval capacity.

If you’ve established a migration treaty, you can create colony ships using this new race. It can be a quick and easy way to expand to those 20% habitability planets if the new race has differing climate preferences. As mentioned, if your ethics permit, you can also shuffle people around between already established planets.

I think what I was really missing was the jobs. Between that and not being so lazy about building habitats towards the end.

I’ve conquered AI starbases and found them 100% anchorages: this made me re-think how I did stuff and started copying them.

This is a good idea. There are benefits to specializing your starbases. They can really only do these main things:

  • Defend systems
  • Build ships
  • Collect trade bonuses (or provide energy if you’re a Gestalt Consciousness)
  • Provide naval capacity

There are starbase buildings that increase the benefits of whatever you’ve chosen:

  • Naval logistic offices add +2 for each anchorage, meaning you get more benefits out of it the more anchorages the base has.
  • Offworld trading company does the same for Trade Hubs.
  • Combat boosting buildings are better if you have more modules being boosted.
  • Finally, shipyards should use shipyard boosting buildings.

Mixing and matching the purpose of a starbase may be fine early on, but later most of them should be specialized into a single purpose. Most of your naval capacity should come from anchorages; soldiers are somewhat of a waste for this.

One thing that came up in this game: I guess close borders doesn’t really impact a crime syndicate? They were still establishing themselves on my planets, requiring precinct houses and anti-crime campaigns to root them out.

@KevinC thanks for pointing out the Amazing Space Battles mod.

Yeah, traditional MegaCorps will need a commercial pact with you to build branch offices on your planet from what I recall, but criminal syndicates have no such restriction. If they’re anywhere within reach of you, I think you can wardec them to force them to shut down their hives of scum and villainy. Otherwise, trying to keep crime low as you described eventually will shut them down, at least that’s been my experience.

Glad you’re liking the ASB mod. :)

Anybody else almost never use Fortresses / Strongholds? Like somebody else mentioned, the cost of losing a building slot is high enough that I prefer anchorages for expanding naval capacity. And if I feel a planet’s at risk, I’d rather garrison an army there than build out soldier jobs.

The only time I’ve built these have been in weird cases where I have a planet that’s very cut off from my civilization, like a planet that unexpectedly defected, and I need give my fleet time to get over there when war inevitably breaks out.

Does ASB work w/ 3.2? The versions I saw were 3.1 only.

It’s tagged as 3.1 but the author said it should work with 3.2 and I didn’t experience any issues with it.