Stephen Colbert's Roger Zelanzy's The Chronicles of Amber

Someone tell GRRM!

Man I loved reading these as a kid. And always thought the first few (the Corwin stuff) would be good material for adaption.

Does this mean that I’m going to read the whole series again?

Yes. I believe that it does.

That’s really interesting. I know the Chronicles of Amber is high on lots of people’s lists, but I tried reading it some time back and just couldn’t get into it. Maybe a television series would be a little easier for me to get into.

Agreed that it could be very good. It will need to emphasize the writing over the special effects tho.

how dare you not use the other thread

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I think we are at a point where you can do the world-shifting with CG and make it look right. I hope so.

Please forward to the makers of that Amazon Lord of the Ring thing. Thank you.

I have a specific picture in my mind of walking the Pattern. They could do it in a spectacular fashion. Or completely blow it. If they bring it up at all.

If there’s no walking the pattern, it’s not Amber. That’s core to both the first and second series.

There’s a pattern walking sequence near the end of the first series (in the later part of book 5 IIRC) that is one of my favorite scenes in all of speculative fiction writing.

Casting and directing is important as always but I really hope they find great writers to adapt Zelazny. I imagine Zelazny being very hard to adapt.

I dunno. It’s a fairly straightforward adventure yarn, told from a single point of view. It’s got great action, battle scenes, cool magic, and a lot of mysteries. Plus lots of shadows to walk through and look cool on screen. It could be done well.

Probably the hardest thing is that there’s a lot of Corwin’s internal dialog, which are both exposition dumps and explanations of the character’s relationships. Doing that without just doing info dumps on the viewer (or leaving them totally befuddled) could be difficult. On the other hand, Corwin starts out knowing nothing, so he’s a good stand-in for the viewer (or reader). So if they can successfully show-not-tell the background and the relationships, it could certainly be success. But, of course, anything can be done badly!

Reminds me of Dune.

Thats great news. I thought this was dead in the water as Skybound had no news on it since they first announced it. I just wrote it off as another covid era casualty. With today’s effects they can really do the series justice. Hopefully things get moving now.

This is at least the 3rd if not 4th announcement of an incoming Amber adaption that I can remember. Won’t be holding my breath, but it would be great if they manage to get it off the ground, as I do think it has a lot of potential!

Yeah, he even has amnesia at the start. Queue the info dumping.

I never understood why there was no Amber Card game. It seems like a no brainer.

I remember having fun with Zangband.

Yup. There’s also the bit while he’s healing from an injury where all of those internal dialogs are everything going on ;)

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