Stephen Fowler really does suck

Even if you do agree with some of his points… wow. That is one awful person.

To be fair, I’m not sure you can trust the impartial, unbiased eye of reality tv to really give you a keen insight into the human soul.

I’m sure they edited it to increase the jackass factor, but if even if he were a gentleman the rest of the time, his behavior in those snippets just isn’t acceptable.

Why do people volunteer for this stuff anyway?

That couple is so fucking far removed from normal society it’s not even funny.

I do hope he gets his ass kicked.

And it looks like he went on a shopping spree in the shit-end red light district of Cafe Press.

His wife is a certified crackpot.

Edit: The passport statistic totally ignores the fact that the US is friggin huge and basically isolated from the world geographically (other than Canada and Mexico). It’s not like Europe, which has a bundle of little countries.

Edit 2: Though I do agree with him pulling his kid out of bed to do his homework. That’s a habit that will benefit his kids more than waiting until the morning.

I wish I was a certified destination coach.

Oh, wait.

I just certified myself.

You know he had to step down from the boards of a few non-profits.

The VC firm he works for is actually kind of a joke around the valley. It’s got some OK companies, but for the most part it’s bottom feeders.

I disagree. Research shows that you should study until you’re tired, but go to bed the minute you get sleepy. Retention plummets after the drowsiness point.

The kid could’ve done the 6 problems on the bus, or maybe he needs to learn to start his work sooner.

But burning the midnight oil is a bad habit to get into, especially at that age.

I agree if you’re studying. But he had an assignment due. You get it done before you go to bed or it leaves the opportunity for excuses in the morning or a rushed job.

The kid could’ve done the 6 problems on the bus, or maybe he needs to learn to start his work sooner.

Starting the work sooner is the ultimate lesson here, but that’s to be made the next day when he gets home from school.

But burning the midnight oil is a bad habit to get into, especially at that age.

Well, it depends on when he pulled the kid out of bed. Ultimately, it’s important to nip procrastination in the bud and waiting until morning sends a bad message (imo). However, I agree the best moral is start sooner.

Ahahahaha that fat bitch got told.

He’s like Dr. House in real life, with the person he’s verbally molesting reacting how I would expect them to react.

Is the whole premise of the show that women get to go to other families and criticize how they raise their children? If not, that bitch needs to shut the hell up because she was pissing me off almost as much as the guy by the end there.

Uh. Yeah. Pretty much. The show is a ‘wife swap’ wherein the wives spend two weeks, the first where they get to understand how the house works under the actual wife and the second where they get to set the rules and run the house like they run their own.

What points did he make, other than that Midwesterners were overweight and uneducated, and that people like them were practically worthless except as military churn to protect people like him? It’s disappointing that there are people who would agree with any beliefs that hold wide swaths of one’s fellow humans in such contempt, but I do wonder how many people believe Fowler’s behavior was an error of etiquette more than anything else.

Well, there’s this dumbshit to start with.

Well, even though he was extremely full of himself and an absolute dick about it, I think there are some base ideas he’s working with that people on this forum wouldn’t disagree with.

Gayla’s family isn’t stressing education. They don’t have to be fascist reactionaries about it to place importance on education. The show implies, truthfully or not, that the family only starts putting pressure on education and college during Wife Swap.

Gayla’s family is overweight. Every single one of them is overweight. I see overweight kids around here riding ATVs all the time. Hell, in my sister’s old neighborhood this fat kid across the street would do nothing except ride a driving lawnmower around his yard all day. Diabetes in children isn’t skyrocketing in this country for no reason, and it’s a problem.

The claim by one of the kids during Mrs. Fowler’s speech in their house that paintballing can lead to a college scholarship, and that she shouldn’t “crush their dreams and hopes” like that, is just stupid. Paintball professionals aren’t fat, and I wish she would have replied with “it’s not enough to have a dream, you have to work for it. If that means not being fat, then start losing weight.” Of course, Mrs. Fowler wouldn’t say this because she has no backbone.

In one of her replies to this whole situation that she blogged about somewhere, she mentions that it’s not enough to just be proud of one’s country, and I have to agree. Being a patriot isn’t a virtue in and of itself.

So there are just some points to be made on the other end of the spectrum. Stephen is just an asshole when it comes to expressing his core values, and of course that’s not his only problem. He definitely seems to be a very cold and calculating father, and while his childhood probably doesn’t excuse his behavior, I have to assume that his own father did not know how to show feelings due to some traditional patriarchal value system that says father’s have to act as such. Mrs. Fowler similarly says something like “I can’t see my children more than that because that doesn’t fit in with my own schedule.” That’s bullshit. You are a parent and your children need to be able to count on you to have a healthy relationship.

Man, what a fucker.

And her with her shame that she was unfortunately born on American soil…we have plenty of homegrown assholes. Can he not take himself and his unfortunately citizened wife and GTFO? Surely he can jet in with his phat salary and then do the rest of his work from London.

He has points, but if we all have to be him and his wife in order to achieve the superiority that he is stooping down and trying to share, I think this world would be a miserable and unhappy place.

If only Sam Clemens had lived long enough to have a go at eviscerating Stephen Fowler. Or Ragnar Oppedal; I’d settle for either.

He’s clearly an obnoxius and pretentius git and his wife is an airhead… but that clip didn’t make me join the fanclub for the other couple either.

She appeared to be oppinionated, undereducated and overweight. And that in-your-face “why aren’t you proud of your country?!?” fatty was a tad scary too.