Stephen King's IT reboot - Cary Fukunaga takes on Pennywise


I have fond memories of It, but I tried re-reading it recently, and man, is that beginning a slog. At best, I think It is half a great horror novel, stapled to an unnecessary sequel no one really wants to read. And that pre-pubescent gang bang is clearly cocaine-fueled King at his worst.

I’ll admit, I think King is a much better short story writer than a novelist. The Shining excluded, which is one of the best novels of the 20th Century.


I’d go so far as to say I prefer the newer version with all of the cut material added back.


I just saw the trailer in a theater. This looks to be the un-scariest movie ever made.


It would probably help if Pennywise were an adult. This version is about as spooky as the new methJoker.


I still reread it (IT?) every few years, and think it’s probably his best book,because of the kids’ stories and the old school monsters the clown uses to terrify them. It’s the first King book I rebought on Kindle, just so I could reread it.


I just finished re-reading IT and the thing I’m most interested in is Mike’s alternate run-in with Pennywise we see in the trailer - there’s a brief flash of Mike seeing the burning of the Black Spot, looking to be at the Kitchener Ironworks. I’m also interested in seeing what else they change for a more visceral impact.

Is this still set in the 50’s or are they bumping it up to the 80’s?

As an aside, I just did a video on things that are lost in translation to the movie. That includes the gang bang @peacedog, @DrCrypt, @Wendelius, @divedivedive . . . if anyone is interested, it’s at Shameless plug done.


New trailer:


Needs more jump scares.


I saw the trailer for this in the theater a while back. Could not stop laughing.


Why is that? The new trailer (cane out only yesterday, so might not be the one you saw) seems to match the tone of the book very well. And Pennywise looks like it might turn out OK. Don’t know if that will make a good movie. But I didn’t find much to laugh at.



Oh. Good point. :)


I know this is the nitpickiest of nerd nitpicks, but in that latest trailer, if the setting is supposed to be the late 1980’s, then the Lego set the kid drops is an anachronism. Green was really rare up until the start of the millennium. Green was mostly available as the larger, thick, (not thin) flat pieces meant for the grass bases for the house sets in regular Lego, or the chunky blocks in Duplo. Additionally, some of the Lego brick shapes shown in the trailer weren’t even manufactured during the 80’s.

And yes, I know this is the dumbest of all possible objections.


Au contraire, Mr Frog. I’d say that’s the most awesome objection ever.


To their credit, they did include a little homage to Tim Curry’s Pennywise in the trailer.


Some people react to being scared in strange ways. :)


Especially for a frog.


Yup. The scene in the preview where clown ghost energy takes over the slide projector as the kids freak out, and any scene where Pennywise charges… just silly.




I think I’m rooting for the clown. Get those damn kids!