Stephen King's IT reboot - Cary Fukunaga takes on Pennywise


Awww. Ever since I read the book in the 80ies I’ve had a soft spot for The Losers. I’ll be on team not red balloon instead.


I don’t remember reading about a house in the book and the trailer seemed to feature this haunted house a lot. Was that the finale or something? I probably need to dig back my book collection and go through it again.


I read the book back in 1988 and watching that trailer for the first time I immediately said, “22 Neibolt St.” I don’t know how anyone can forget that scene.


Damn. Somehow this clicked. And there was a wolf-like thing as well?


Yep. I read it late one night alone in my new apartment. I remember finishing the chapter and then sitting up off the couch, looking around to make sure I was alone, despite having heard nothing and knowing everything was locked.


I’m definitely excited they’re featuring Neibolt St. It’s one of the big things left out of the 1990 miniseries.

Neibolt St. is where the homeless guy (who Eddie thinks is a Leper) chases him, then Richie and Bill go there, Werewolf attack, then that’s where they get attacked by Pennywise as a group, separated into a Funhouse. Even there Bev realizes later that Mrs. Kersh was created from a distorted porno mag they saw as a kid. It’s the first time they beat Pennywise . . .

Last thing from the book is this is why the kids get forced into the sewer, Pennywise starts manipulating Bev’s father, Bowers, and the town to force them down there unprepared.

While the movie looks creepy, they definitely are straying far and wide from the book. They even mentioned that there’s no Macroverse, no Ritual of Chud, or Turtle/Spider.


To be honest, I wasn’t aware of the fact that this was going to be split into two parts, much alike the original mini-series.

“Like Wallace’s small-screen version, Muschietti’s take on It consists of two parts: one focusing on the children’s first encounter with Pennywise, and the second picks up the story when they’re adults.”

I assume that will ultimately depend on how well the first part does at the box office, though. Can’t wait for this, personally. I’m a massive fan of Stephen King.


I think the main difference here is it doesn’t seem like they’re including the adults in this first film.

I still wish we’d get a True Detective style storylines happening parallel to one another like in the book, but then there’s not a great midpoint in a movie to end it. A television storyline would be much better suited, since even in the book they have sections where “Hey, we’re all back in town. Let’s talk about ourselves, then go explore Derry by ourselves. Hope you all survive!”


Reviews are coming in. It seems this movie is quite successful as a Stranger Things style kids-in-the-80’s adventure, but much less effective as a horror movie.

I think that’s actually okay.


That’s beyond okay when it comes to King properties.


This is going to smash the box office.


Is this coming out this fall? I haven’t seen any marketing for it yet. If it wasn’t for this thread and some reviews I’m seeing on sites like The Verge, I wouldn’t know it existed.




Jesus. I’ve seen so many ads for it. I don’t know how you could avoid them.


Hmmm, in that case maybe Desslock is right. I just figured no one would know about this release, like me.

I guess my exposure to ads is pretty limited now that I switched Hulu to ad-free Hulu. The only programs I watch with ads are on terrestrial TV for shows like the local news and Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.


Using the internet exclusively with an adblocker and relying almost entirely on Netflix and Amazon for TV viewing, plus seeing like 2 movies in theaters per year and not buying print media anymore, more or less my only advertising consumption comes from highway billboards. . .


Yeah, ads for It are pretty widespread here in London too. Buses, bus stops, movie clips, …

You’d have to live an indoor, ad free life to completely miss them. But then marketing wouldn’t be targeting you anyway. :)


Here (well, in Sydney) they did stuff like this:


I’m not sure I can watch this. The book is one of my favorite books, and the visuals I have of everything and everyone won’t match what is in my head. I think I might just let my memories stand on my own.

I remember a similar feeling when the Hardy Boys were adapted to the screen when I was a kid. I was PISSED they didn’t look right.


How!? I can’t turn around without seeing an ad on TV, on a web page, or a news bit on a site such as IGN. Good gravy, this thing is everywhere.