Stephen King's "The Mist"

That looked cool. But the preview seemed to give away too much of the plot barring the conclusion. If they’d ended after the black guy went out into the mist it’d have been an awesome trailer. But they show some dragon thingy and a big tendril grabbing someone into the mist. Way too spoilerish. Still, good to see Tom Jane still working, I like that man - even after the Punisher.


Word is that Darabont insisted on final cut rights, specifically to keep it as dark as the book.

I wuv Darabont. I still consider it a god damned shame that Lucas & Co didn’t go with his screenplay for Indy 4, although I say that without actually having any knowledge of what it actually contained - I just have an enormous respect for the man’s ability as a screenwriter (as well as a director). I can’t wait to see his Farhenheit 451 adaptation if he ever actually gets it off the ground.


It’s longer than you think, dad!


This is the only Steven King book that has somewhat changed my life, as I still can’t stand driving through Fog. However, They did the Mist wrong, when they show it coming. It supposed to be a wall of Mist, not an actual fog thats coming in.

Otherwise… awesome.

Thats what I was thinking while I was watching it.

The trailer was boring as hell…a bunch of people in a supermarket trying to decide what’s going on…uh…of course, I never read the story but still.

That was much of the story, so you should probably stop talking now. Just figure the movie isn’t for you and go back to your Sex and the City DVD’s.

God, just die or something already.

Yeah, fuck stories that have mystery and intrigue! Plot synopsis with narration in the first scene or they don’t get my money!

My head would explode if that actually happens.

The Mist is one of my favorite King stories, and I can’t wait to see this. I just hope that the ending remains unchanged.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be different. Though I think they can get away with changing the ending more with this than with I Am Legend, I worry about what they are going to do with that one and how they are going to screw up the meaning of that phrase.

I’ve already written off I am Legend in that regard.

What do you mean - of course they’re going to end it with Will Smith mugging for the camera and using his golf iron to stake the 9-foot tall vampire god, who looks like Clancy Brown in the original Highlander, and then yelling “I am a Legend, undead bitch!”, which is exactly what both Akiva Goldsman and Will Smith think the Matheson story meant, so it’ll be completely accurate.


I can’t wait to see how they do the giant mammoth thing… That should be fun…


Darabont specifically demanded (and received) final cut approval so he could keep the ending of The Mist intact.


I must be one of those weaksauce people who want zombie trilogies to end with a cure being found, because I can’t help wondering what DOES happen after the actual ending of The Mist. DO they get to Hartford? DO they find a place where The Mist ends? IS there any actual answer to what the fuck those Arrowhead fuckers were doing? Is there any way to save the planet? Do they find out any more about the ecology of the Mist? Is ANYONE else left alive? It reminds me in some ways of the whole Chtorr scenario, only much, much more severe.

Anyway, a big fat part of me wishes for a sequel to The Mist, although of course it would pretty much ruin the almost complete bleakness of the original tale. Obviously the story doesn’t want a sequel, but I don’t care – I want one.

Yeah, I’d love to see a follow-up too. I like the gloominess, etc., but I’d also like some answers. I realize it’s often a problem because even well written explanations often fail to match our imaginations, but I still would like “just to know” once I’m invested in a storyline and characters. Frankly, I’d be satisfied by a commentary track in which King indicated what he thought likely happened afterwards.

Even though it’s probably one of the least fitting for a sequel, I’d also love to see another story in the Stand’s world. It’s one of his most “American” books, but I’d love to see him at least discuss what was going on elsewhere. I don’t really know the Dark Tower story and how it changes Randall Flagg, but in the Stand, the setup is clearly God vs. Devil, and yet it all happens on American soil, which just makes me wonder how the rest of the world reacted, etc.

King does the mystery without resolution a few times. The Colorado Kid and Cell come to mind, but unlike The Mist I think of those as some of his worst stuff. I like the uncertainty myself, though. What happened at Arrowhead isn’t the point of the story. It’s just a plot device.