Stephen[Lavelle]'s Sausage Roll


You’re not kidding. played for 26 hours so far and just got to an ‘impossible’ puzzle which upended two of my most basic assumptions brilliantly. Also justified some of the things people had noticed earlier.

This is now my favourite puzzle game of all time and my best game of 2016, it’s not even close. I’m in awe of Stephen Lavelle, the guy is unbelievably smart and with an incredible attention to detail.


Oh hey, I started playing this!

And this was me at first too. :)

I was actually on the cusp of calling in a Steam refund as I was sure it wasn’t for me - but then all of a sudden I started getting it, and “breezed” through a bunch of puzzles much more easily. After two sessions I’m a couple puzzles past creating that first sausage bridge to the second part of the island.

Not sure how much stamina I’ll have with it, but so far it is certainly a great puzzle game.


At 28 hours and 172 sausages, it might have gotten too hard for me. The previous set of two puzzles (Ancient Dam, Apex) took a couple of hours. For this next set of two, I don’t have even the faintest idea of how to get started. There seem to be no moves available that achieve anything at all.

Still an amazing game.


I fired up English country tune again, played for an hour and quit. Too much trial and error for me, I get a really strong Sokoban feeling out of it… is SSR more of the same, I checked some videos from the start of the game and it looks again like Sokoban… (also it is pretty expensive at the moment)


Could someone tell me how this stacks up against Snakebird?

I picked that up on release and was really happy with it but as I played more and the puzzles got heavier I started to realise that, yes, while there is an element of working out the ‘trick’ to completing a level (the best bit!), a huge part of it is making sure you don’t make one incorrect move.

There is a rewind mechanic but I found that I could spend ages on one level, thinking, moving, rewinding, thinking some more, moving some more, rewinding some more, but I never felt I was getting better. Often I’d keep plugging away at an idea and realise, damn, one of the moves I made earlier has screwed me, I may as well restart.

It felt like too much trial and error; rote learning of a very specific but unknown routine and it just wasn’t much fun, despite the lovely whimsical visuals and music.


I think part of what’s great about Sausage Roll (and ECT and Snakebird) is the difficulty, but if you’re looking for a well-conceived puzzle game with an unfolding set of mechanics and ALSO a great theme and manageable difficulty, check out Slayaway Camp.


It is probably worth mentioning that this is on sale currently on the HumbleBundle Winter sale at 25% off… which is the lowest I have seen it (and this seems to very rarely go on sale).


Oh man, I thought I was near the end!

I’m on Split Face and I find this style of puzzles less interesting than the rest of the game.


I came here like others to vent out and let a savant AAAAUUUUGH out after spending way too much time solving my first few puzzles. The first one was the big jump, it must have taken 20 minutes. Somebody here, and elsewhere, was referring to Sokoban: I am very early, but I absolutely did not feel it was the same kind of puzzles. You aren’t trying to reverse-engineer the random move sequence somebody did in an editor. After a first puzzle to finally get around the mechanics, and a second one who taught an important consideration about the shapes, I solved the following ones with thinking and (relatively) planning. Though now I am back at my starting state and wondering how the hell I am going to move on. “AAAAUGH” indeed!

The soundtrack is incredible and might be what saved my soul during this whole exhausting process.


I basically bought the recent Humble Bundle to get this game, but I know I’m going to be stuck after a few puzzles and will give up forever.


Are these short puzzles that if you figure them out don’t take a long time, or can some of them be time consuming because they are set on a large area?


The first one hurts, but the next sausages won’t as much.

The puzzles have been pretty ‘short’ at the start so far, but they take some time. I find very appealing how I just mess with a puzzle with a basic idea, and then, in the middle of it, I pause and the plan to its solution comes up.
This is a real thinking game.


No, with maybe one exception that I ranted about earlier in the thread, the execution is never the reason the puzzles take a long time. It’s that even when the puzzles are tiny, finding the solution can be really quite hard :) My guess is that someone who already knew the solutions could redo 95% of them in less than half a minute each.

The puzzle design is devious, and the rule-set the puzzles operate under is incredibly expressive. (The early levels are really only scratching the surface when it comes to that).


I am in front of it. The legendary tower.
It is indeed impressive. But one thing that leaves me cold and that I didn’t see mentionned, here or on Steam, is how the 3D view seems to be failing in that stage. I must confess I have always been “3D challenged”. In this case, I don’t even know where my character is anymore sometimes, I need to calcuguess it. The undo function suddenly doesn’t feel like a featured nicety, but like a patch to the game’s failings. The graphical approach also went from being quirkily poetic to being simply confusing and silly.
Unless it is supposed to be irrelevant and I am not trying to approach the thing the proper way (I strongly am doubting it), I just don’t see me playing this game anymore than a 3D Mario game. Too bad, as the game phallic meat fantasies had been haunting my dreams for the last couple of nights.

To sum it up


OK, now I know I’m going to have trouble. I get to the first puzzle (maiden’s something) and think “this one’s easy”. I got the sausage on the grill. Nothing happens. I wait. Nothing happens. I try pressing buttons on the controller. I undo my move and leave the puzzle. Still not complete. I have no idea how to complete the first simple puzzle.


OK, now I think I see what I need to do. Just need to figure out how to do it.

Edit 1: Arghhh! I had it and then bumped it off before I got to the exit! Now I can’t remember what steps I did!

Edit 2: Well damn, I got it.

Edit 3: Whoo whoo! Got the next one in much less time.


I did the first island in like 2 hours, then the second minus the tower one in another 2 or so. But the tower sucked so bad I just got tired of trying thing after thing after thing so I looked up the solution on youtube and I’m glad I did. Zero regrets.

But then in island 3 I realized that everything is growing exponentially in difficulty and annoyance, and the tower is just a prelude to what’s going on. I didn’t feel like learning another 3 or 4 sets of rules about how the game works through trial and error. I uninstalled it. I don’t miss it. Guess it wasn’t for me.

I like puzzle games. This game lost me. But, it did help me figure out the sorts of puzzle games I like and dislike, and for that I’m grateful.


I figured it out before Sausage Roll and this thread just confirmed it for me.

I did however pick up the Talos Principle and expansion and loved it. Much more variety and great world building.


I loved The Talos Principle too. Great game and story too.


If any of you are looking for a game with relatively few rules and small playspaces, but still manages to be fiendishly difficult, I highly recommend Cosmic Express. I’ve played it on iOS, but it is on Steam as well.


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