Stereo purchase decisions

So I’m going to purchase a new stereo. My old one died 3 years ago, and I’ve been using my PC to play music on since then. The advantages of the PC being my large MP3 music library and the ability to mix and match playlists at will. The disadvantages being crappy speakers and no soundcard.

But anyway, I wanted a new stereo, especially since my now-whiny HDD added to the background noise of my PC. I went shopping for stereos today and saw this Philips set. It has everything want from a stereo, plus it’s able to play music direct from my PC.

Is it any good though? I know it comes with the god-awful Musicmatch software, something I’m not to keen on, though I can live with it.

On that topic, anyone have any advice on MP3/MD/CD-players, which I definitely would not use at work, since that’s expressly forbidden?


Are you looking for a stereo or “boom box”? I do differentiate between to two. Phillips makes an okay product but UI really can’t offer any guidence. Now if we were talking real stereos …


I really like my Rio player. works quite well, you can upgrade the ROM. It works really good as our “Party in a box” when we travel.

Aiwa definitely.

Nothing says quality like lots of plastic and blinky lights that zoom all around the display.