Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin dead,23739,20349534-952,00.html

Stabbed in the chest by a stingray, and died almost instantly.

With this “extreme nature” BS en vogue, letting the most poisonous snake crawl over your face while you explain to the audience that this is, indeed, the most venemous snake in the world, it was sort of inevitable that there would be a fatality.

I can’t tell if he was a nice guy trapped by his career or a looney bloke that only looked half-sane on camera and was probably a giant ass in real life. Either way, even if his 5 minutes of fame were over after that dreadful movie, it’s sad to see him go.

He shouldn’t have tried to put his human penis into that ray’s wife’s stingina.

Irwin, 44, whose television show “The Crocodile Hunter” won international acclaim and popularized the phrase “Crikey”

I thought it was Tintin who popularized that. Well, the English translation of Tintin anyway…

What a shame.

Why do they keep calling it an accident? The guy was asking for it for years and stringrays don’t “accidentally” stab you in the chest. Can a stringray even kill you? So many questions.

Wow. This hit me kinda hard just now. Condolences to his wife and daughter. I’ve been watching Steve Irwin educating folks and rescuing crocs for a long time. His partnership with “The Wiggles” also endeared him to my son. He will be missed.

Yeah, that’s kind of odd. When a stingray shoves its barb into your chest, it’s almost a given it’s intentional.

Ditto. I’m not usually bothered by the deaths of public figures, but this one’s kind of getting under my skin. And I was never a huge fan of his show or anything; mostly I’ve just seen random clips plus read/seen the occasional interview.

I guess it’s just because he always seemed like an ordinary, decent fellow who really cared about his work.

I guess it’s just because he always seemed like an ordinary

Ordinary guys dont get stabbed in the chest by a sting ray.

Sting-ray’s don’t normally use their stinger as a venomous snake might it’s bite.

It is reflexive, so it quite possibly could have stung him on accident.


And whatever you do, don’t touch the dangerous stingray right… Augh!

To be so young with two kids, it sucks so much. And of all the dangerous situations to not die in, its like Patton or Lawerence of Arabia dying in motorcylce crashes.

As an Aussie I’d just like to point out how much this sucks :(

I feel sorry for his kids… and it’s pretty fucking shitty that his wife was essentially the last to know.

What’s shittier is that the footage will probably somehow find its way onto the internet and get played by frat boys and emo kids for laughs.

As for the people saying he had it coming, that’s bullshit. This man travelled the world to help animals. Being inadvertently killed by one is the highest order of unjust.

I don’t know if I have ever agreed with a a post more.

Just like that Timothy “Grizzly Man” guy… jesus christ, I guess these guys know the risks, but it’s still terrible that the animals they strive to protect end up killing them. I can honestly say that if this was a shark or a croc there’d be a party of dickheads hunting the thing down as “revenge”.

How does a stingray understand justice? I’m quite sad about it, but he really pushed it. The fauna of this planet really don’t recognize help.

Maybe we should just put all the people with Alzheimer’s to sleep as well, because they may not understand help?

Oh this thread is going to get good.

If the Alzheimer’s patients continue to kill people with their teeth and horns and stingers and fangs.