Steve Jackson's Ogre Kickstarter - "A lot of win and a lot of fail."

There’s some weird items in that box. Ogres with arms? And is that a dragon bottom-right?

Yeah, there’s a Mark Whatever OGRE with arms (I forget the details) - as for the dragon, I wonder if there’s some Ogrethulu in there? But I don’t remember that coming up in the updates so maybe it’s just an alternate design.

Edit: looks like the OGRE model with arms is a Vulcan? I don’t remember playing one.

Second edit: a little more research indicates that the reptilian unit is the BGG-Zilla, a giant monster unit that’s part of a sponsored sheet of units from Board Game Geek.

The Vulcan is a repair and recovery unit built on a MK III chassis.

Edit: Here ya go.

In OGRE lore, Vulcans like to swing down one of their small vernier arms and challenge humans to arm wrestling. Once the challenge is accepted, the Vulcan swings down its main lifting arm.

I am an OGRE geek :\

Odd though that Vulcans are included in OGRE 6th D Ed. They’re not combat OGREs.

I looked at that jam-packed box and went “I ordered extra sheets. Why the hell did I do that?”

My god do I hate Munchkin. It’s like everything that’s wrong with gaming in 30 (40?) boxes.

A downright awful game whose theme encompasses every shameful trope associated with gamers.

That said, bring on the 24 pounds of Car Wars!

Whatever they do with Car Wars, you can be damn sure it won’t be 24 pounds. They just went insane with OGRE. I’m hoping they can get all the logistics through the final few months of assembly, because this thing is too absurd to either succeed OR fail.

re: Munchkin. Only reason to like Munchkin is that it has kept SJG alive from the times where the company couldn’t make it any more with Car Wars, OGRE, and GURPS material. But thankfully, that eye-rolling stupid game has kept SJG afloat long enough so that Mr. Jackson has reached that period in his life (i.e. late middle-aged male) where he wants to revisit his earlier successes. But instead of like, say, George Lucas, who decided to bequeath us with 24 pounds of shit, Evil Stevie has decided to bequeath us with 24 pounds of futuristic cybernetic warfare.

As for Car Wars, any actual production values (i.e. real mounted counters) would be better than we saw throughout the game’s lifetime. Hopefully we get the former.

Jesus H. Christ.

That’s what’s in the Kickstarter box. They captioned this “perhaps it’s time to call your realtor?” Not Sure If Kidding… that table is four feet by fifteen feet!

That does look pretty sweet.

Holy crap - before I had thought it would be cool to join our game boards together but I can’t imagine how that would work, or even be playable.

Hell, if we each bring our individual games, we could probably have six separate games (three per set) going! Wonder how many tables the Gamma Ray Lounge has…

Those pictures help ease the year long wait it has been.

Are you guys buying the sponsored sheets?

Me? Christ no, I dropped enough on this thing already.

I’m not going to because the box already has more in it than I am ever likely to get into play, and I foolishly pledged for an extra counter set as well. For a total of well over 2000 counters.

Damnit, I dreamed about Ogre last night because of this thread.

I was driving a pair of radio-controlled Mark V’s against another player’s pair of Mark V’s. I estimate that they were about 2" long, but they trundled along like they had real mass. They had gearshifts, too, I recall selecting 2nd gear based on the distance I wanted to travel my turn.

When I was in range, I designated a target point on the enemy Mark V, and fired both main batteries, which in fact fired. I recall being disappointed that I didn’t destroy the enemy’s main battery, and wondering if I was making a mistake firing at the front armor - a flanking or rear attack would have been better. Then I remembered that I had secondary batteries, and I discovered I could only fire 3 of them, because the angle meant only the left 3 could bear. I used the right 3 secondaries on the other Ogre.

I then drove my second Ogre up and fired it as well. As part of the second attack, I tried firing the anti-personnel turrets at the ogre, and had trouble because the angle was really marginal. Of course that should have been illegal, but in my dream all I noticed was that these additional ball turrets were really small. Clearly I remember the Ogre miniatures pretty well, even if I didn’t always remember the rules.

At this point the health bar over the first target was just a sliver. Yes, these were real-life models, but they had video-game style floating health bars over them. I remember thinking this wasn’t true to the board game, because in the board game you usually destroyed all the components first before doing hull damage.

My takeaway? In addition to a proper adaptation, Ogre would make a great World of Tanks style game.

Good lord. It’s like watching a Star Destroyer slowly cruise over you. That’s insane… in a good way, you know?