Steven Spielberg interview

He probably has a lot more free/down time than you do. Still, I don’t think I have ever done that with a game.

Interesting to see what Steven thinks about video games and the industry in general.

Though, what you should’ve been asking that man, Tom, is why the hell are there monkeys in my Indy 4!!!

I’ll believe that when he busts out an AAR for Xcom. ;-)

A lot of games that are more invested in storytelling are M-rated. I’m thinking of things like Call of Duty, the Grand Theft Auto series, a game called BioShock. These are the equivalent of R-rated movies. Yet the level of violence is a focus of criticism in the gaming industry. What are your feeling about the state of violence in videogame storytelling?

The antidote to that is something like Boom Blox, which is a family activity that everyone can play together. And that’s why I developed this, in order to show my kids they can have fun playing games that are non-violent and much more creative and strategic.

Wonder why he totally dodged this question? As someone who makes really violent movies, I would think he’d show some support for violence in video games.

Only if you contemplate it on the Tree of Woe.

He’s up for a world of pain when he replays COD4 on veteran. True hardcore.

Hey, Saving Private Ryan/Band of Brothers inspired Call of Duty and Medal of Honour. Maybe COD4 will inspire him to make a modern war movie!

So when is Steven Spielberg showing up for Shoot Club?

Yah. The guy could at least play a FPS or two.