Steven Universe: Attack the Light

So, this is a phone/tablet game for 3 bucks on iOS and android. By Cartoon Network games… and it has eaten my entire memorial day weekend. Kicking Witcher 3 to the curb!

Destructoid Review

Anyone else playing this game?

Some awesome stuff.

  1. I have never seen the show outside of catching the ends of episodes etc when browsing, but this game requires no prior show knowledge.
  2. There are no in game purchases. 3 dollars for the full game.
  3. I can’t stress 2 enough. No money treadmill, just a game.
  4. This thing is deep, played about 7 hours this weekend, and about half full.
  5. The JRPG-esque combat system is very deep. Deals with action points that tick over each round of combat (save up some to gain enough for power moves)
  6. The touch combat has dodging mechanics not unlike Paper Mario (tap to dodge attacks) that is very responsive and satisfying.
  7. Leveling mechanic is solid, backtracking to previous areas to open new parts of the map is metroid esque.

TLDR: The excellent Cartoon Network games studio produced a 15+ hour JRPG lite phone game that is deeper tactically than it should be, and chock full of excellent art design and personality.

Loving this. Thought I should pass it along.

Heads up for anyone interested in this (like me, since I love the show): This is currently on sale on iOS for 99 cents as part of an editor’s choice sale.

Cute little game, but quite easy to beat, and a bit too repetitious for me even for a phone game. Add on one more game mechanic and some kind of vaguely story-related content apart from beat-the-next-boss and it would have been much better.

Still as a Steven Universe fan it was fun to play, and it’s very well-executed for what it is. And yes, I applaud the lack of idiotic time gates, pay-to-win mechanics, and other horrible things like that which tend to encumber these games.