Stick a fork in it: ryzom is bankrupt

who didn’t see this coming? jessica mulligan strikes again.

how does turbine stay afloat?

Who broke your shift key?

Presumably Jessica Mulligan.

Who the heck is Jessica Mulligan?

And I’m not sure how Turbine fits into this.

Who the hell is ryzom?

So let me get this straight: Jessica Mulligan took the shift key and threw it in the Turbine?

That’s what happens when you code without a spec.

Qt3 poster JessicaM.

Yes Stroker, I know who Jessica is. I don’t know who or what ryzom is though. Thanks for the update!

Ninja edit!

Well, uh, I guess that answers my question, but I admit I’m still a little mystified.

I thought her brief involvement with Ryzom ended almost three years ago…

Who the hell is Jessica Mulligan?

I presume rei means this Jessica Mulligan: listed as executive producer on Asheron’s Call at Turbine, then on Saga of Ryzom at Nevrax.

We could really use that “what in the god-damn hell…” pic right about now.

Bastard, should have quoted you

An author!

According to my Google-fu, Nevrax filed for French Chapter 11 in April of '05, and that’s also when Jessica was hired. So I’m not getting this thread at all. Did something new happen?

Ryzom was about as pointless a game as it gets.