Still no Oblivion babe shots?

Seeing more and more screenshots for both PC and Xbox and still no picture of a babe in armor, or less! I am starting to believe this Elder Scrolls is a male-only world! Let’s get with the program! :roll:


I prefer the women I can see, hear, touch, … well, you get the idea. I’m not terribly concerned about not being able to see a digital animation of a woman in a game. I’m not on a deserted island yet, you see. Plans may change, as I’ve put a nice downpayment on a piece of property in the Pacific…oh, nevermind.

Yes, but when you get to that desert island, would you want Oblivion as your only game if it didn’t have hot chicks in it?

Why would i need Oblivion when i have a volleyball painted in my own blood? Noob.


It would be nice to see more character models. I don’t need Xena but I think shots of both women and other races we can play would be nice.


Here’s an elf.

and a dark priestess

Dude =/ .

That must be pre-alpha. No way they’d make a graphics engine this good and then make such shitty, unrealistic models.

Must try… to … not… barf…


This thread needs an NSFA (Not Safe For Anywhere) label.

Hey, there’s a babe shot now. And her cleavage goes all the way past her collar bone and into her neck.

Aren’t nerds supposed to collect porn? How can they get this so wrong?

Maybe they only really have any experience with 2D images.

  • Alan

I don’t see a lot of 2d pictures where the valley of tits goes up to the neck. Either someone has a very obscure fetish or their artists just don’t give a fuck. And not in an entertaining tits-on-the-knees kind of way, just a bland “wow, that anatomy sucks” kind of way.

Um, she does a lot of bench pressing and those are really her upper pectorals?

I think we still have yet to see a babe shot, if you know what I’m saying. But the question now is why they don’t have better normal mapping for the adam’s apple.

I vant a Red Sonja in chain bikini shot, dammit! :lol:

That was my first impression as well.