Stingray Firewall?

About a month ago, Gizmodo linked to this catalog writeup of a gizmo called the Stingray Firewall. It takes no disk space or other PC resources, updates its AV protection automatically (I think I remember reading that it uses AVG), uses heuristic blah blah blah and random algorithm blah blah blah, and will supposedly never need to be upgraded etc. for as long as the unit lasts.

I’m not clued in to hardware firewalls at all, but ZoneAlarm Security Suite has become a pain for me every time a major update comes out, its new anti-spyware component won’t update its definitions, and its AV component crashes my PC if I plug in a USB drive, so I’m open to a painless $70 solution.

So, to those of you who are clued in, does this Stingray thing seem likely to not suck and not tangle up my PC and/or connection speed?

If you’re connected to the internet through a router/gateway of some sort so that your computer doesn’t have its own IP on the internet, you really, really don’t need Zonealarm.

Virus scanner? Yeah. Anti-Ad software? Yeah.

I don’t have a router (just one PC).

Then buy a hardware router.

New on Amazon, $50, and you can get it or one that has the same functionality from Netgear or D-Link cheap if you look around for 5 minutes.

Then you remove Zonealarm, turn off the Windows Firewall, and compute in peach while the hardware router does its thing.

What about out-going phone-home stuff? I recommend the old free version of Kerio Personal Firewall version 2.15. to put a stop to it. I prefer this to many of the more bloated newer firewalls.

Run Adaware every day, keep a virus scanner updated, don’t use Internet Explorer.

The noise generated by the “Do you want to allow XXX application to access the internet” annoys the shit out of me, so just make sure it doesn’t get on your system in the first place.

Most all of the time also, the stuff the applications do is “check for new versions”, and while some people might get bent out of shape, I really, really don’t care if non-evil applications want to talk to someone. I don’t install evil applications.

That whole “ads in SWAT4” – tacky, yeah, but OH NO, they know how long an ad was on the screen? I don’t care!

Other people may, in which case, do as Midnight Son says.

Jah, it’s one of the first ways you may find out you have malware. “Do you want to allow yzkaiaga.dll to access the internet?” Hell no!

I suppose it’s just my paranoid computer use habits. I have only ever had one virus actually active on any PC I’ve owned. No spyware. And the only adware was allowed because I was using Eudora in ad-supported mode.

I suspect I have the same sort of habits as Xpav as my PC is set up in a similar way.

Uh, guys, I guarantee you my PC is tight as hell. Hardware router, software firewall, etc etc etc… I do this for a living and also make gratis recommendations on forums. :lol: