Stop. Just...Stop. Too many good games

When I hit 35 this year I had big dreams. Big hoop dreams. And my big hoop dream was that because the PC game industry is dying™ that that would mean that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about picking between games.

But now, it’s November and I’m confused. What am I supposed to do? I’ve got Company of Heroes and I’ve got NW2 coming and those games take precious time from Battlefield 2142 where I need to get those weapons for next week’s LAN party. And that doesn’t even count the beta of SC.

Promises were made. I was told by the press and by experts that the PC game market is “d0med”.

Now I have a 6 year old son who wonders where is daddy is. Too busy playing games to figure out whatever the hell he does when he’s not sleeping.

Who’s responsible for that? I’ll tell you who – YOU.

At least, I should say, anyone here who is in the gaming media. My expectations were set. I would not have to deal with a pesky barrage of great games. I would get one FPS a year to play, maybe a half-assed RTS and when I wasn’t playing those there was WoW. And we were happy. I was happy.

It’s time for the game industry and the media to start thinking ME and my feelings. My round the clock narcisism is not going to be enough. What about my confusion? What about my needs?

I sit down and I don’t…know…what…to…play. And crawling under my desk into the fetal position is not solving the problem.

So what are PC gamers supposed to do? We need to stop the madness! Before Brian (or Ryan or whatever my son’s name is) ends up not knowing his own dad.

We need to get back to the “d0med” plan of hardly any great games coming out for the PC. A simpler time. A happy time.


Oh man you aren’t kidding. This deluge of goodness is almost driving me crazy. How many good games do they think a man can handle at once?! I foresee being completely burnt out by New Years. I’d almost be relieved at this point to buy a game and have it turn out to be something I’m not interested in so I could put it aside without guilt, but I’m not holding my breath.

I admit it, I lol’d.

Less crawling into the fetal position, spend more time playing games.

And have your son join you and the circle is complete.

Look at the good side.

WoW:BC will be released in Jan, and your life will cease to exist.

If your not into that, well…there is always a gaming drought for a few-several months starting in January.

The sky hasn’t fallen yet, but it doesn’t mean that it will stay up forever. PC games are doomed to a slow death, not a sudden one. In the meantime, enjoy everything that you can.


Shouldn’t you be making games, or um, busy plotting to take over the whole game market <being a evil capitalist and all>, or at the very least … insulting entire countries? Anything but playing games!!!

However do you find the time to do it all like that Brad?!?!

Brad Wardell, SuperGamerDesignerEvilCapitalistLimbaughTargetMan.


Hey, Brad - what’s your name in BF2142? So far, I’ve only seen Roger.

And it only gets worse if you aren’t a PC gamer only… I’ve got MUA and I want to get the latest Final Fantasy and GoW comes out in just a couple of weeks. And that’s not even including my obsession with football (and hence some Madden loving).

For the love of all!

This is yet another great year to be a gamer.


(see Space Rangers 2 for a proper reference)

Look, I could stop if I wanted to. I don’t NEED to play games. I have it under control. It’s not a problem.

I started playing NWN2 last night.

Normally Friday mornings are the mornings that I sleep in, per arrangement with my wife. But her neck freaked out yesterday and she’s in pain, so sleep-in got canceled.

I stayed up until 3 AM playing anyway. And my baby daughter wakes up at 6 AM. And I just dropped them off at school and got back here by 8:30 AM.

Now, see, even now, I could sleep for an hour and then get down to work (my workday starts at 9:30).

But what am I doing?

Posting about, and preparing to play an hour of, NWN2.

Yeah, this is a borderline problem… for my sleep cycle. All hail the Bloodshot Eyeball!

Say it with me…“Hi, my name is Brad Wardell and I have a gaming addiction.”

My friend, you hit the nail on the head. For the love of all that’s holy, I’m still dipping into Oblivion trying to finish that between bouts of newer even more shiny games (Titan Quest, GW:Nightfall, etc.). Don’t get me started on the games that sit on my shelf unplayed or barely touched, they go back so far some of them won’t even run on my system anymore, I’d have to build a legacy PC just to play them (and don’t think I haven’t thought about it!!). All this and still more digital goodness to come, games like Pirates of the Burning Sea and Gods and Heroes : Rome Rising wait to snatch away my precious online time, while the gaps are filled with visions of Medieval Total War II , NWN 2, Company of Heroes, and other single player gems.

The sad fact is, with my limited gaming time, I could spend the next 10 years just catching up with all the good games out there if the whole industry were to shut down tomorrow. Most people plan retirement around long golf outings, fishing trips and plenty of time in the garden. Not me baby, my retirement goal is going to be to crank up a bank of legacy equipment and blast that (by then) 30+ year backlog of PC games into oblivion (no pun intended).


Heh, Repo. I was up late last night playing NWN2 too. I’m feeling it today. I have to get up at 6am too. But damn if that game isn’t fun… even if it’s about all about D&D and we know that stuff sucks (thanks Peck!).