Stop Motion Animation Software

One of my 6-year old daughter’s neighbourhood playmates has an upcoming birthday, and obviously with COVID-19, the original birthday celebration plans are cancelled, and instead, she is getting video birthday greetings. On a whim, my daughter and I made a stop motion happy birthday message. It’s amateurish but fun. And my daughter enjoyed making it and wants to make more.

I used a free opensource program called qStopmotion to create a movie out a sequence of images. It worked but the program has a tendency to crash and is rather light in features. Does anybody have a recommendation for a decent free stop motion program for the Windows PC?

Hello! Used to be a professional stop motion animator, here. In fact I was just interviewed by Wired again the other day. It’s a passion of mine. Reach out anytime.

Try Stop Motion Studio. It’s not free but very cheap, like $2. The main feature you want (besides stability) is the onionskin feature. This means that the software shows a combo of the last frame captured and the current frame about to be captured so you can plan and line things up perfectly.

Couple other tips:

Control your lighting. Stop motion doesn’y work so well outside in natural light unless you are real, real quick, because the light changes outdoors due to the sun moving, clouds, etc. Your video will look “stroby”.

Try Legos! A great medium, very friendly for posing, and minifigures have casts of thousands, plus most of your favorite IPs.

Try out thing like cotton swabs for smoke, making things go up a wall or appear to float by using sticky tack, etc.

Making a head with a facial animation or a few replacement heads may beeasier than manipulating a head/eyes/mouth on your model in real time as you animate. This may not be worth your time though, start small. Stop motion can be used to animate anything, even a human posing still.

Here is one I whipped up in about 1 minute of my kid’s toy just to show him how things can move magically. It violates the natural light rule, but I was quick. ;)



A professional, awesome! Stop Motion Studio is IOS and I am Android and Windows, so that won’t work for me. What I have available for equipment is an Android phone with an articulated feet mini-tripod and bluetooth shutter release; Canon DSLR with a reasonably sturdy tripod and IR shutter release.

Do you know of a good tutorial for some basic techniques? Thanks for your advice.

Stop Motion Studio should be available for all devices, my setup is similar to yours, that one above was made on android.

As for tutorials, my old site Brickfilms. com probably has some, also check out Bricksinmotion. com, both are Lego animation sites but the technique is similar.

What I’d do is find a toy/thing your daughter likes that’s as posable as possible. Any toy that’s got kind of “stiff” joints will do. Play with it a bit and see it’s poseable. If it is, do some quick screen tests.

Try and be thinking about what a toy/playdoh/lego/whatever will do in a second. Do the movements yourself with your body and your daughter’s and time them. Multiply this by a reasonable fps rate of capture. Count on say 10 pictures making up a second. Pay attention to your start and end points and extrapolate from there the in betweens.

I just did some sample movements/animations in my home office, you can use these for reference.

All of these are at 10 fps.

Sip a cup of tea slowly, from pickup to slow sip, to holding it below your mouth (tea party style):. 50 frames

Ballerina spin:. 10-12 frames

Quick punch:. 5 - 8 frames

Walk a few feet: 15-30 frames depending on speed.


Stop Motion Studio looks cool.

My kids have been making LEGO stop motion the last couple weeks just by taking lots of photos on a phone and ordering them in iMovie. They’ve learned enough that they’re making camera stabilizers, starting to develop a critical eye for animation mistakes, getting into wire positioning, and so on, so I’m going to reward them with a software boost.

Stop Motion Studio for IOS is pretty decent. I preferred Stop Motion Recorder but that fell out of support.

I did this way back with just the iphone as a test run of the setup.

My son made this today with me
He had fun with this, even if 6 year olds don’t do ‘stand here’ very well

Edit: I have no idea why it uploaded so small

I see it and Stop Motion Studio Pro in the Google Play Store.

Pro is just the same with all features unlocked I believe.

Otherwise you can buy features like greenscreen separately for .99 each

I just bought Stop Motion Studio Pro for Android. The Pro version is the regular version with all of the paid features from the regular version already unlocked.