Storing disk images on OS X?

I have some Rosetta Stone CDs, and like the antiquated piles that they are they require running off of CD. The Mac has fairly robust support for disk images, but I’m not sure how/if I can convert from a CD to a desk mounted DMG/IMG so that I can watch them on an airplane without having to pack the CDs.

dd, baby!

Then you can mount ISO’s directly with Disk Utility.

I love dd. It’s so useful, powerful, and fricking dangerous, all at the same time. Do you want to copy a CD? Make an empty file? Wipe out your hard drive?

I can proudly say I have done all three.


Of course, that way sucks.

Open Disk Utility, put in the disk, and go File->New->Disk Image From Disk, and select your disk.

Nowhere near as cool though.