Story about MRSA caught in a gym

MRSA (methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus) is a very dangerous bacterial infection that is becoming very widespread and kills more people nowadays than AIDS. This article is on the front page of CNN
and it’s frightening because she’s super healthy and it’s unreal “where” she caught it.

My wife works out sometimes and is OCD which means she washes her hands so much her hands are cut and bleeding all the time. I’m wondering if she should not go to the gym anymore, because MRSA is bad enough for a healthy person… and is a near death sentence for others. What’s worse is if I caught MRSA, I’d never be able to see my sister under normal conditions (she has Cystic Fibrosis too) and I couldn’t imagine never being able to have my sister and her family over to my house, or having to be gowned, gloved, and masked just to be around her.

So I’m curious how many of you have personally seen MRSA. If you have… please talk about it if you don’t mind.

Poll to follow.

the closest I’ve gotten to MRSA is a misdiagnosis on House.

That’s where she will get infected. I am not very familiar with such things, but do you think she could convince herself to convert her hand-washing OCD into a glove-wearing OCD?

I was in the hospital with a skin infection on my leg that the doctors were afraid might have been MRSA (it was immediately during the worst of the OMG KIDS IN SCHOOL HAVE FLESH-EATING GERMS scare) late last year.

It most likely was not MRSA but it was extremely gruesome and had it not responded to the battery of super-antibiotics I most likely would have lost my leg. As it was the super-antibiotics drained my energy for a solid month - even the prescription outpatient pills sapped my will to live.

Holy crap. Do you know how you got it?

Lunch of Kong - we’ve been working on her OCD for a long time. Sadly logic doesn’t overrule compulsion, which makes it really tough conquer.

I’m switching forums to GWJ if you’re contagious!

A coworker of mine caught a really bad infection while she was in for lung surgery, keeping her in the hospital for weeks longer, and even months later she wasn’t feeling fully recovered.

I don’t know if it was specifically MRSA, but it seems the most likely, and there have been outbreaks of it at that hospital before. Of course, for every case like hers, there are thousands of patients who have no trouble, it’s not a random ‘safe’ public location, etc…

I was under the impression that MRSA infection risk was pretty damn low, unless you’re in and out of the hospital or are extremely aged or ill. Despite the occasional scaremongering local news story about flesh-eating bacteria and superbugs, I just try not to worry about it.

EDIT: oh, right in that article linked in the OP is a link to the risk. 1 in 3200. I’ll take those odds.

My GF got MRSA last year after picking a boil on her neck over and over…she gave the MRSA to her mother who was hospitalized for 3 days with a horrible infection. My GF got it again 4 months ago after again picking at her neck…uh…Stop picking.

I have thyroid issues so my immune system is a bit whacked so I’ve been nervous about her outbreaks…but no MRSA yet.

Aside from hospitals/nursing homes, it’s a very significant concern for people that do wrestling, grappling, or jiu-jitsu. Most gyms are aware of the issue now and religiously clean mats every night, and require everyone to wear clean gis. Staph, ringworm, and MRSA are like the unholy trinity of fears for most people that train in grappling.

We had a rash of staph at my BJJ gym late last year. I managed to avoid it this time though. However, I did get staph/infantigo at the beginning of last year, it sucked. It was all up on the right side of my cheek and going down my neck. I did not look pretty.

I always wash immediately after working out (at the gym) and after I got staph, I bring a loofa/scrubby thingy with me so I can be sure I slough anything off of me.

I’ll take a chance. You’re lying.

I wonder if the problem is there’s not enough money in antibiotics. The wise course on recieving a new antibiotic is to only use it in cases where nothing else works. Those are going to be rare for the first decade at least, so you don’t move a lot of units.

My wife works in a clinic as the house phlebotomist and she’s terrified of these infections. Plus, she reads all the latest journals so gets herself worked up about stuff I don’t even understand.

That’s a lot of stuff to get worked up about.


I hate that image!

That image makes me gag, every time.

Now I voted that I had it but I’m not 100% sure I did.

I believe I did but see at the time I was in the burn unit after receiving full thickness burns to over 50% of my body. I seem to recall a doctor or nurse saying that it’s very hard not to get it with so many open wounds.

The main concern at the time was just surviving the burns and then rehab. I believe it was around two months after entering the hospital they said I was clean of the infection and wasn’t quarantined anymore. Which was almost a shame because it was nice getting a private room at no extra cost.