I know quite a few people here are Echo Bazaar (sorry, Fallen London) fans and/or work for Failbetter, so I just thought I’d post that their next project, StoryNexus, a content creation system for Echo Bazaar-style games, is not only live, but has its first crop of third party games available for play now.

Here’s a link to Cabinet Noir, an example game from Failbetter which posits you as one of Cardinal Richelieu’s secret police in Three Musketeers-era France (yes, they make an appearance or two). I believe it said there was a light fantasy element but I haven’t run into that yet.

Of the third party games, Zero Summer (, a mysterious, horror tinged future Western is by far my favorite of the ones I’ve tried to date, though Samsara may yet bear fruit. The writing is crazy evocative, the setting is original and revealed one small detail at a time, and there’s plenty of compelling plot hooks already.