Strange font problem in Windows XP

On some forums that I use, some of the font is very large and some is very small in the posts. I don’t have a problem with this forum. Also, some Web pages do not display correctly, as I see very large font hidden under graphics sometimes. It appears random and I don’t notice a pattern. I think the problem may have started after I installed service pack 2, but I’m not sure. Any ideas?

Some sites rudely hardcode a font size. This one unfortunately does that.

More polite pages use less specific font sizes and let the user’s browser decide exactly what to display. This is probably where you see the problem. In IE, View->Text Size is probably way off of ‘Medium’, the default.

IE changes this setting if you hold down Ctrl and use the scroll wheel on your mouse, easy to do accidentally.

My text size is on largest. The different size font appears in the same forums, i.e. the font size is mixed on the same forums.

Edit: Changing text size to medium fixed my problem. Thanks!