Strange happenings with my wii console

Anyone else seeing some odd behavior sometimes? If I don’t play for a few days (I have 24 connect on) And then pick up a controller, sometimes it doesn’t register it on (all 4 lights blink on the controler but nothing else happens - controler doesn’t stay on). Nor can I simply power the console on. I literaly have to unplug the unit and “reboot it”

Also, I’ve seen a similar problem when on the Mii screen, and going back to the main Wii screen, everything goes black, and then it never refreshed back to the main Wii screen… Again, have to do a cold reboot of the console.

This doesn’t happen all the time. It just seems to happen when I leave my console alone for 2-3 days. It’s in the verticle position.


I have that happen (the long darkness).

Usually I can do a warm boot, or just wait.

Yeah, I’ve had that happen sporadically, but not in the last month or so.

The only Wii froze I had was during Rayman. The entire game froze and wouldn’t accept any commands from the wiimote. Only thing that worked was removing the power cord. After that so far nothing has happen.

I think it has something to do with playing Gamecube games. When you play in Gamecube mode, it functions like a Gamecube and literally shuts off the Wii hardware part of things. I’ve noticed that you cannot use the power button on a Wiimote to turn the machine back on after you play a GC game and then power down afterward. The next time you must power on the unit from the button on the console.

Once you do that, and wait for it to get to the safety screen, then you’re fine to hit A or whatever and the controller syncs and off you go.

good idea. I have played GC games, and keep a GC card in there, but I haven’t played any games lately (just sports and zelda.) I’ll keep an eye on it.