Strange Windows mouse issue

Two computers here are exhibiting very strange mouse behavior. Mouse movement is fine, right-clicking is fine, but left-clicking gets ignored for long stretches of time. Even stranger, when this happens certain kinds of left-clicks seem to get ignored more than others – left-clicking on a scroll-bar or a window border in the background brings the app to the foreground, but clicking on anything ‘hot’ such as a web links or an application icon has no effect.

This started on my Windows 7 machine, and then after I connected the mouse (Logitech G5) to my girlfriend’s XP machine the symptoms started up there. Assuming I had a dying mouse, I swapped for a completely different model (forget the model, can’t find it at the moment) on the XP machine but the behavior was unchanged. So I disconnected the mouse, deleted it in Devices, rebooted, reinstalled and the symptoms remained. Repeated this using both mice in turn, same result.

Invoking the Task Manager on the XP machine often seems to correct the issue, temporarily, but does so less frequently on the Windows 7 machine. I’ve also noticed that the behavior goes away for a while each time I swap mouses, or swap back.

Haven’t deleted/reinstalled the mouse on the W7 machine, since the symptoms are so odd. Anyone ever see anything like this before?

Happens on both machines, with two different mice.

Do you use logitech software? If so, try restoring default settings or uninstalling and use microsoft drivers.

I do, although on the second (XP) machine the logitech software was not yet installed when the mouse was plugged in and the symptoms started manifesting.

I’ll work on the Windows 7 machine next, blowing away all mouse drivers and related software (setpoint), etc.

One more symptom: when or , click links/buttons.

Looks like it’s user error (surprise, surprise).

My girlfriend’s 11-year-old was the one who swapped mouses on her XP machine and I think he reported erroneous symptoms. I’ve tested it some more and her machine seems to be fine with any mouse but mine. And after examining my G5 closely, I suspect there may be a bent wire or a dirty/broken scroll-wheel. Wish I had more mice to swap to be sure.

Thanks for the help.