Stranger Than Fiction (Will Ferrell movie)

I didn’t catch this when it came out, and upon first viewing I thought it was fantastic. Reminded me of Punch Drunk Love if written by Charlie Kauffman.

Yes, I also liked this movie.

I still need to see this movie, but I keep hearing how great it is.

I liked it. For me it was very good, not great, not a must see. But you could super easily do worse.

Much better than I expected it to be. It was really good.

Ugh, I hated the ending of this so much (particularly the way Dustin Hoffman’s character acts) that the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Criminal waste of Tony Hale, also.

A good film, but not one with the courage of its own convictions.

I found it neither as profound or as entertaining as either Adaptation or Eternal Sunshine. Then again, those are pretty high watermarks.

If you’re speaking of the ending I actually I thought it was brilliant how they backed out of it, knowing they backed out of it, in this totally self-referential manner. “It’s not BAD, it’s good. Just not great.”

It’s pretty good. I got the same feeling from Will Ferrell’s performance in this movie that I did from Nicolas Cage’s in Adaptation.

Saw this a few months ago. Cute little film. I really enjoyed it.

I’ll give you that it was an existential cop-out.

I always thought of Stranger than Fiction as a lite version of Eternal Sunshine. No where near as good, but still pretty damn good.

Sure, but when it’s doing something that feels so similar and it doesn’t do it as well, it’s a bit like “Why bother?”

Because it has its own merit? It’s similar, sure, but I never felt like it was ripping off one or the other. It’s a very different and worthwhile story that can stand on its own legs. Just because it gives off a similar vibe is no cause for a “why bother?” attitude.

Aye, agreed.

I just feel like I would never have a reason to revisit it. If I considered it, I’d probably just end up re-watching Eternal Sunshine and being glad I did.

IIRC, it’s rather less dark than Eternal Sunshine. They’re definitely different movies.

Yeah, this is much more of a comedy.