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Took me a while, but I finally sat down and watched this. Felt a bit like watching the first few X-Files seasons, condensed down to just the “omg conspiracy” bits. With a lot of 80s nostalgia mixed in, which for us old farts is a big selling point. All those land-lines and mix tapes and fuzzy, boxy TVs! And of course, D&D-playing nerds as heroes gives me a warm feeling.


That’s a good way to describe it. I hope it doesn’t follow X-Files and so many other shows that transformed into milk machines.

My 80’s catch, besides the D&D stuff, was a glimpse of the Trapper Keeper folders in the school locker.


I missed this. Hype.


Late to the party, but I watched the final two episodes of S1 last night. Loved it loved it loved it as total comfort food for someone who grew up in the 80s (including an Echo & the Bunnymen track, a deeper cut from Ocean Rain even – one of my absolute favorite albums ever – was icing on the cake). The kids were amazing, especially Dustin and El. Incredible casting all around. I was a little bugged by Ryder being way over the top in the beginning/middle, but that was probably somewhat required and her later work with El was very touching.

The kids’ radios were Realistic brand (Radio Shack). Perfect.

I glad the hype panned out. I can’t put it in the TV HoF, but the show really hit the sweet spot for me at this time in my life.


I agree completely!

Meanwhile, New York University, my beloved alma mater and employer, has experienced an unexpected surge in film school applications this year. My theory as to why? This clip from episode 5…


Stranger Things won Best Ensemble at the SAG awards last night, and David Harbour gave an impassioned speech while accepting it.

Watch it once for the message, and twice just for Winona Ryder’s facial expressions.


Her facial expressions are hilarious.



“It’s sooo heavy.”

Which David Harbour was nice enough to echo when she handed it to him.

I’m willing to bet that she is high as a kite.


Yeah, I watched that and loved the speech but the real entertainment was Ryder. My money is on acid or shrooms! She was definitely operating on an altered state of perception.


That cuts out the most important part.


Thank you internet!


Thanks for posting that. It got a real good laugh outta me.


Who is the guy behind her? He’s literally holding her in place, as if she’d float away without him there to anchor her. It makes the whole scene even more surreal.


That’s Matthew Modine! I too was wondering if he knows she’s super high and needs two hands on her shoulders at all times.

This just further establishes what I’ve known since high school and Lucas/Beetlejuice/Heathers… I LOVE WINONA RYDER.


Oh man I had a hyooooge crush on her in Lucas. Looks like she got some cosmetic surgery done which is a shame because she didn’t need it Or maybe that’s just Botox I’m not sure.


At work today, I watched that gif on my phone for like 15 minute straight.


She is a national treasure.


First season 2 image:


The Ghostbuster costumes are a little bit 80s overkill. Season 1 didn’t hit you over the head too much with its obvious inspirations/homages.