Stranger Things - Netflix


One assumes the kids will have watched, and loved, the actual Ghostbusters. I like it.


I like it too. I was a similar age in the year this show is set and I would have killed for a GB costume.


Back when I was a kid and my father was in the Army, he brought home an old set of mechanic’s coveralls from the motor pool for me. I Ghostbustered around like crazy in that suit. It wasn’t the right color. It was too big for me. There were permanent oil stains on them. None of that mattered. I was in the Ghostbusters when I wore them.

If I had a mocked-up proton pack and patch like the kids do in that picture, I would’ve lost my mind.


The outfits seem fine, but the backpacks look a bit too high quality, this is what was on sale back then


The backpacks looks like modified vacuum cleaners (still homemade, possibly) rather than ‘toys’ like the above image.


They possibly have some actual functionality to do with the new plot as well.


Ok for the longest time she was dead to me cuz well shoplifting klepto thing.

But then stranger things and from the looks of it reminding me of the wonders of psychedelia, she’s back as far as I’m concerned!


It’s not overkill if you lived in the 80s.

— Alan


I’m don’t think you watched the same show as I did.


That’s just like your opinion, man.


Yeah, all the nostalgia really tied the show together.


That’s what I thought as well. Season 1 was anything but subtle in its homages. I had to laugh at the part when one of the characters was watching The Thing on TV and the camera spent a few seconds on it. Yes, yes, I got that you like it guys, I saw the giant poster on the wall. :-)



That trailer has me sooooooo excited. It looks awesome already.

Was that a Lovecraftian Great Old One visible in the sky in the red world glimpsed through the opening door?


The wait till Halloween is a long one.


Finally we get to see what The Mist was really hiding. Took long enough. Don’t have to kill yourself. Wait till Halloween.


My body is ready.


A friend shared this with me:


After the excellent Dirk Gently, thought I’d catch up with more Netflix I hadn’t seen. This one’s a doozy too. Great to see lots of good shows atm. Netflix is really on a roll with the Marvel shows and these shows.

This very long homage to Stephen Spielberg made me realize something blindingly obvious that I hadn’t realized before: Steven Spielberg is compressed Stephen King, Stephen King is expanded Steven Spielberg. (They have the same first names. Coincidence? It think not. The cunning spelling variant doesn’t fool me!) Basically this is like a full-on Stephen King novel, with all the luxury of the kind of character development and plot intricacy that wasn’t possible in the movies that have been made of his books.

It’s top-notch limbic-system-diddling in both cases. The Duffer brothers and the writers have lovingly made something that captures the essence of what both the author and the movie-maker trade on, in almost exactly the same way; the general human fundamentals - family, friendship, love, redemption, etc. - all in the context of prime 80s Americana (during the last period when kids were still mostly free range and not yet totally cyborgs).

This show is beautifully made and engagingly acted in all respects, gripping throughout, emotionally involving, plenty of nerdy fun, lots of teary moments (absolute floods of tears in the resuscitation/redemption climax).

Looking forward to more where this came from.


New poster!