Stranger Things - Netflix


Hawkins is City 17?


In news that will shock no one with avatars enabled, all I see in the clouds in the poster is a Muppet face. Look right under the explody bit.

This doesn’t detract from my interest.


Ms. Piggy is the evil alien overlord? I suppose the Muppets are an 80’s reference…You may be on to something.



Maybe season 2 will switch plotlines dramatically from Season 1. This time around, our young heroes could find influences in Explorers and Flight of the Navigator instead of the collected works of S. King.


I figured this thread got bumped to trumpet the news that Barb got an Emmy nomination, amongst its 19 total nominations. That’s the wonderful world we live in.


ComicCon trailer


Incredible. So, so excited.


/me goes and draws a big heart on October 27th.


That was an excellent trailer. Makes me realize that I’m already done with summer.


Brilliant. I’m a Netflix fanboy.


I like, but don’t love the show. I lived the 80’s, I loved the movies and TV at the time, I saw ET on opening week, I loved Winona in everything she was in, I read King books and saw King movies as soon as they came out… but for some reason I wasn’t waiting for a nostalgia trip. My 16-year old daughter loves it, and I basically said the same to her. I’m glad she has the same thought process as I did when young.

Regardless, I thought this was a good review:


@DTG, avoid Ready Player One, then. :) Stranger Things actually at least could exist without the nostalgia factor…


Ok, finished Season 1 with my daughter today (17 today, yah!) .

I totally called the sensory deprivation bath, and the need for salt and body temp, before they did…from Altered States…although I get why El didn’t get naked…my daughter was mildly impressed lol

Anyway, I’m up for Season 2. It’s cool to be back.


The thing for me about Stranger Things is that it was better than the sum of its parts.

It is easy to break it down, and nitpick it. The plot is pretty basic, the acting and writing can be pretty easily criticized, etc. but it comes together in a way that is better than the individual quality of each of those parts - at least for me. I think a lot of that is that the kids/teens do a very,very good job of being empathetic and are probably the best written characters.


They were incredible. All of them. They carried the show.

Which is why it reminded me of an 80’s King novel, in a good way.


These guys in Chicago started up an unauthorized popup bar called the Upside Down based on Stranger Things. It was supposed to run for six weeks. Netflix caught wind of it and their lawyers went to work.


Probably the nicest C&D a company has sent.


Not even a C&D, really, since they aren’t stopping it, just politely requesting that they not overstay their welcome or do it again without asking first.


It’s more of a “Carry on, but just this once…”


Are they actually infringing on any copyrights with that pop-up bar?


Well the bar seems to be using images and expressions from the show so that would technically be infringing on the copyright (marginally). My take on that letter is that Netflix is being cautious to avoid legally waiving any rights to protect the copyright in the future. They don’t want to set a precedent of “allowing” people to freely use expressions from Stranger Things. They were nice about it, so I feel like that’s pretty reasonable.