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That letter is awesome. It creates goodwill for the show. If you do a pop-up bar and get one of these, it’s something you want to show other people because it legitimizes the pop-up bar and sets you apart. At the same time, it cements the corporate right to the brand in a very public way (moreso because they pop-up bar people benefit by showing the letter around). Pretty cool approach.


Final Trailer:


Ah yeah.


I wake up this morning and hear some commotion in the family room. It’s the kids… up early and getting in the first half of an episode before going to school.


Loving season 2. It’s even better than season 1. Sean Austin is fantastic in it. I think he’s a really underrated actor.


Just saw first episode. Great start so far. Just amazing they were able to find such a good cast of young actors. The 80’s nostalgia is alive and well too.


It’s time to break out the fairy lights! No, no not for Christmas, don’t be ridiculous. We just need a way to communicate with all those people who have suddenly and mysteriously gone missing. Prepare for some spooky retro adventures as you go investigating the shocking arrival of the new Stranger Things skin pack!


Just finished episode 1. So far, so good…though we found ourselves trying to remember certain details from the first season that had fuzzed out. For some reason, I remembered that Nancy’s bubble-butt boyfriend had died, but clearly I remembered wrong.

I think we’re gonna try and stick to an episode a day, so as not to blow through it in a weekend like we did with Season 1.

Loved the visual of the huge Lovecraftian monster off in the distance in his vision! Very creepy.


Four episodes in and it’s looking really good so far.

Spoilers up to Ep 4 -

Not so sure about the pollywog sub-plot. And didn’t El do the jealous girlfriend thing in Season 1 as well?


As in Dustin’s behaviour isn’t believable, or something else?


My son’s comment chilled me.

He thought it was a baby “demogorgon” and I thought he might be right.


That was pretty obvious, surely. What else was it going to be?


Literally almost anything that could be imagined by the writers?


Seems a bit much to expect a nostalgia-fest not to do the obvious thing.


Well, in any case it wasn’t obvious to me, so his comment was a great moment for me.


I dunno, they telegraphed it pretty heavily. The season starts, or rather last season ended, with Will coughing up a demogorgon larva.


I didn’t realize that we were supposed to know that was a demogorgon larva at the end of the first season. To me it could have been almost anything. How did you know it was one?


Because he was, for want of a better word, kidnapped and cocooned by the demogorgon for most of that season? And that’s how 80s creature horror movies always end, with the offspring of the creature escaping? I mean, I suppose it could have been the larva of some other Upside Down creature, but frankly what’s the diff?


So what do we call the new baddy? My vote is for the Tarrasque.


The Arrival