Stranger Things - Netflix


Why is this show getting so much love? It was horrible… the further you get into the season the worse it gets?

Am I alone here?


Because other people did not find it so?



I am asking why…


You’re going to have to be more clear what you don’t like about it. It’s definitely the breakout show of the summer with audiences and is reasonably well reviewed by critics. It pays homage to a lot of 80s genre movies while mostly being its own thing. It has an excellent child cast.


Ah… homage to 80s movies. Now I know why ppl like it. That is why i didnt like it!


Great acting, particularly from the kids, is a big reason. Smart story with interesting set pieces is another. Clever design and aesthetics as a topper.


That was why I made a flippant response; you didn’t specify anything about your dislike of the show, just that you thought it sucked. So following your lead, the answer is “because they thought it didn’t suck”. :)

The tone I was trying to convey probably doesn’t come across in text at all. Sorry if I sounded like I was being a dick, I was just teasing more than anything.


It’s only eight episodes so I watched them all, but I think it peaked around chapter 4-5. By the end it was testing my patience.


Thank you Khrlavaster…I agree with you.

Kid acting was good I agree. Aliens were horrible.

I kept waiting for Winona to shoplift something but it never happened. That was my major disappointment with the series.


El did, though.


Oh come on.

“Why did the Wire get so much love, it was horrible.”

That’s just low end baiting. If you want to claim something was bad, explain why, with some detail.

What you did is the equivalent of saying, “You’re stupid, that sucked.”


She did take her boss over the barrel with all the advanced pay she got.


Just finished binge watching the entire thing in under a week. Coming now to the thread here for the first time.

Child of the 80s myself; hit all the right notes for me with nostalgia and whimsy. And I appreciated at the time how much of an homage it was to some of the movies (sci-fi, horror) of the era as well as to Stephen King who utterly dominated said era.

I can’t remember the last time as simple a gimmick as the christmas bulbs lighting up (and spelling words…) gave me the level of chills as the scene early on.

I’ll go on record however as hoping that they do NOT attempt a second season. Will probably go as badly as Twin Peaks season 2 and nobody wants that.


Döppelganger, döppelganger!


Season 2 is already confirmed, I’m afraid.

Also, I really liked it myself. Especially the science teacher. Dude knows his D&D and shows The Thing to his date. Man’s all right by me.


Pretty good review from the RLM guys on it. Talk about the difference between a period piece show and a nostalgia show.


Half of the appeal of this show is the fantastic synth 80s soundtrack. So well done.


I watched the show with my 14-year-old daughter and wife over the last week or so.

My wife and I are children of the 80’s - in 83 we would have been 14, so just a little older than the kids in the show. And both my wife and I are big Spielberg and Stephen King fans, so this show was tailor-made for us. My daughter is a big fan of modern horror movies, so she was a good demographic too.

Anyway, we really enjoyed it. The throwback fonts and intro, the Carpenter-eque music, the Speilberg-like direction, it was all great stuff. My 14-year-old didn’t get any of the 80s references but still declared it the bast Netflix show to date… not that she’s a massive “House of Cards” fan or anything.

My only real complaint was that the kids were fairly mixed, skill-wise. The girl who played Eleven was really good, the kid who played Lucas was pretty bad, and the other three fell in between but mostly clustered towards the “bad” end of the pool. This is a quibble because honestly they were maybe less than a quarter of the screen time and most of that wasn’t dialog. I thought all the adult/young adult actors were great.


I would have been in 3rd grade, so a tad younger than the kids here. My kids are in their teens (high school) now. They wouldn’t sit through a big chunk of the movies this show is pulling from (Goonies, etc). However, they both watched and thoroughly enjoyed this, as did I. That makes it a great show.

And I’ll pretend it wasn’t entirely because they got to sit there making “80’s are so old” kinda jokes.

To whoever asked above, there was a big Fringe-like feel. But some of that was almost too obvious (sensory deprivation tanks, testing hallucinogens on people). So I’m not sure it really was Fringe-like or not, or just “similar”.


There’s an 80s film that fits that bill, Altered States.