Stranger Things - Netflix


The intro/music was so perfect, it covered for any flaws in the show itself. It also helped that (most of) the kids weren’t horrible - I really worried about Dustin being there at first, and he quickly rose to one of the best.


“Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?”


That made me laugh pretty hard, I have to say.


This weekend, I watched Episode 2 and 3. Episode 2 was even better than the first episode. And Episode 3 was even better than Episode 2. This is such a fantastic show so far. All night and this morning, I can’t think of anything else. It’s been a while since a show did that to me.


Oh man, fourth episode was amazing. It’s bed time. But I don’t want to sleep! I want to stay up and watch another episode.


I think episode 4 was my favorite (but I loved the whole thing).


I couldn’t resist watching Episode 5 as well before going to bed. What a cliffhanger! Oh man, I’ve been thinking about little else all day at work so far.

I just love the way the characters interact in this drama. It all feels so genuine. Kids act like kids, teenagers act like teenagers, and adults act like both kids and teenagers. I love it.


I really wish they did a “Previously on” segment at the start of the show. My wife missed a couple of episodes. A “Previously on” segment would be perfect to get someone like that up to speed on what you need to know for the latest episode.


Finished! What a fantastic show all the way down. Perfect ending too.


Don’t worry, she’ll be able to catch them on rerun eventually.


Nah, she watched the last two episodes with me, so I doubt she’ll go back for missing episode.


I’m pretty sure Season 2 has already been confirmed, but here is the official season 2 trailer/announcement.


Huh, only a one year time skip. I was betting that they’d fast forward to when the kids are in their late teens, if not adulthood.


The Duffers said they’d like to to a Harry Potter style arc and actually grow the series with the actors normal aging. I think they were just spit-balling, and who knows if that will fit with Netflix’s plans, but that would certainly be something.


I suppose Eleven might support that kind of story arc. But it’s tricky to keep subjecting the same group of characters to a new supernatural happenstance every year or so.


My wife admitted to me today when I got home that even though she’s never enjoyed a TV show before, Stanger Things was different. She really enjoyed this one. Her very first favorite TV show.

Now I’m trying to rack my brain, thinking what other show is there that features kids and a hint of science fiction, but set in a small town? Damn it. I don’t think there is one.





Eerie, Indiana?


Everyone’s got a have a first show that showed them TV isn’t just all crap, right? This was hers.

On the suggestions:

Small Wonder: Nope. I liked it as a kid, but I doubt it would hold up today.
Eerie, Indiana: Looks promising, but it’s not available anywhere.