Stranglehold Fight Night!

Ha! Just kidding. I just played a game of Stranglehold multiplayer. It looks fantastic in concept. Like Action Half Life. Somehow, though, they broke it so bad it’s the worst multiplayer shooter I’ve played since . . . I don’t know, I can’t think of one as bad. Since Half Life Death Match maybe? And I’m not talking bugs. I’m talking horrible, horrible balance. As in, there are a few good weapons and whoever has them dominates. As in, whoever leads crushes everyone else because of the “Tequila Time” concept. As in, just an unmitigated disaster. Bad feel, bad everything. Ughhh.

So, what did this game cost to make? Wow. What a crappile.

I don’t know the exact amount, but I guess its been one of the most expensive games to make ever…

That sucks, for what its worth, cod4 feels like super duper action quake 2, sans strafe jumps. So there is that.

Glad I (barely) dodged buying this. I’ll grab it someday on the cheap.

Definitely a rental.