Strategic Command WW2 - War in Europe is amazing (biased beta tester)


I have not played this much so we may be a good match. I played quite a bit of Commander Europe at War with Grand Strategy Mod multiplayer but it has been a while since.

If you are willing we can test the beta. PM me if you want to give this a go. Two - three turns per day is how I roll.



I’d like to play, but I just have no time these days. Good luck!


After a false start my partner and I managed to get our PBEM going. The Slitherine PBEM++ system does not allow a player to reload their turns (cheat) and the beta seems to be working. Come on in, the water is fine.

To the OP I say Strategic Command WW2 - War in Europe is amazinger (with multiplayer).


So I know that multiplayer is a whole 'nuther ballgame from playing single player. But holy smokes, am I getting hammered by my opponent in our current game. I’m playing the Allies and France is probably going to capitulate by April '40. And the English Channel is littered with the hulks of my ventilated Royal Navy.

Learning a lot, taking my lumps, and having a ball.


How did he sink you ships? Air attack? Subs?


Both plus tanks!

I was doing pretty well, having sunk half his surface fleet, but in one turn he sank three of my boats. One CC was attacked by a combination of bomber and sub and retreated into a port on the Normandy coast and was finished off by a panzer unit?! I suspect he upgraded his bomber naval attack capability. Upgrading the Royal Navy air defenses seems like a must against an Axis player determined to launch Sea Lion.


Yeah naval units in port are vulnerable to attack from land if the town they are connected to is taken. I haven’t given much thought as to how to defend against Sea Lion from a strong opponent. If you’ve traded evenly for ships, he should be at a strong disadvantage.


One of my French corps occupied the city when the tanks shelled the CC.

If the Axis can bottle up the choke points in the English Channel, and their air forces can sink the RN, I’m not sure how to prevent Sea Lion. The Brits have one fighter unit, and two CVs so three air units which isn’t much to protect the surface fleet. But I’m new to the game so I’ll have to figure this out, most likely by learning the hard way.


Huh I would have sworn I wasn’t allowed to do that until I took the port.

Do you have any more fighter units about to come online? Anyway, I think you have to keep a naval presence in the Channel, in addition to a North Sea force. If you have AA tech, you can upgrade your port AA as well.


If you have a current PBEM going on, the recent 1.02 update is incompatible with the 1.01.04 version.

"Please note that if you are currently playing a PBEM++ game with the beta version (v1.01.04) saved PBEM games from this will not be compatible with v1.02 So, if you are enjoying a PBEM and would like to finish it I’m afraid you should hold off updating to v1.02 until you have done so.

However the time available to finish a beta PBEM game will be limited (as I’m afraid that when the next patch is ready v1.01.04 PBEM games will no longer work)."


Picked this up in the Matrix Easter sale. Installed the boardgame map mod and a counter mod (the vanilla map really is terrible) and got started with an Axis game. The tutorial says you should be able to take Warsaw on turn 2, but it took me 4 attempts to achieve that. I found the key is not destroying every Polish unit - you just have to get them down to 5 strength so they don’t project a ZOC - and then bypass them. That felt appropriately blitzkriegy.

I definitely appreciate the niche this game is filling - more grand strategy than a Panzer General, but simpler than a Grigsby or VR Designs game. And a lot more plausibly historical than HOI4.


I truly like the mechanics of the game and have no problems with the conventions that others tend to have (no stacking, e.g.). However I run up against some of the events and diplomatic actions the campaign scenario posits that don’t seem warranted to me historically. A lot of them are allegedly due to balance concerns.


For info, you can get a key for the game (releasing tomorrow, I think) on Steam by registering your serial on Slitherine’s website. Should make it much easier to update the game through all those betas, instead of scouring the Matrix forums.


Thank you for posting this.


I am ashamed to confess I noticed the relevance of the date only because of today’s marketing stunt from Matrix.
So ashamed…


FYI the mid-January update v1.11 supposedly made turns take a lot less time due to some optimization they found. I skimmed the thread and didn’t notice anyone complaining about it though.


From what I gather, it was a problem exacerbated with an early start campaign, not the default one.
The turn resolution is not fast, but not infuriatingly so from the little I have played of the default scenario.


I never minded the turn times.


I forgot how annoying naval combat is in these games.

Also, I took Paris and I’m already kind of spent.


Ah, the fleshpots of the City of Lights!