strategy/RPGs of the future

Ok, there are a few games coming up that have me excited, but also nervous. The closest one is Dynasty Tactics, from KOEI, which should take the Romance of the Three Kingdoms theme to a TBS arena. It could be great, but I just don’t know yet.

The second one that gets me is Gladius. This one though has tricked me a bit by throwing in realtime action combat, it seems, with a strategy overlay. That makes me real nervous. Can anyone confirm that?

Anyway, my point is that this “niche” genre still has some life, but is it a good life? I love ROTKVII, but is it selling well? Will we have more great games like Final Fantasy Tactics? Will FFT2, which is in development, be as good as FFT? Will we see more games being imported like Front Mission 3? Japan gets a lot of these games, but we don’t get many of them. Growlanser is similar and is coming, but many do not. Will I stop rambling and let you answer my questions? Ok, I can answer that last one.

Good questions all!!!

Dynasty Tactics is first, I believe. I too am anxious for it.

I would have purchased RotTK VII already, but there is still life left in some of the PC games on my HD. I guess the way to ensure more PS2 strategy titles coming to U.S. shores is to go out and buy the one’s that come out. I have already failed here. However, I think I will wait for VII’s first price drop as my local video stores do not have it for rent.

The others you mentioned are still a ways off, aren’t they? I no longer get excited about previews. The games are usually a year off, are delayed, and then suck. Legion (sucked) and Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge (R.I.P.) are just a couple of recent titles who’s development I followed via websites for several months and were originally scheduled for release long ago.

Hopefully DT, FFT2, and Gladius will prove my pessimism groundless. My cynicism wins out for now, though.

I thought Dreamland Chronicles had been ressurected in some form. That’s what I remember from a month or two ago on the CGO forums.

As for strategy games, I think it’s great that the PC had an explosion of good solid TBS titles this year. AOW2 tops the list for me, but I also enjoyed Disciples 2. I am still looking forward to Warlords IV as well. But the consoles are less clear to me. The future for strategy games on the PC is still very bright, if this year is any indication, and there are plenty of titles left on the horizon. But where are the good looking console titles?

I noticed in Game Informer today that KOEI is working on another action beat-em-up game besides Mystic Heroes and Dynasty Warriors 4 (I don’t know if DW4 is in production…just guessing it could be). This one looks good. I don’t have the mag handy, but I will look it up if anyone is interested. Anyway, it has me worried a bit. I am not a fan of the Kessen series, but I love the older KOEI stuff, and as I said above, I am looking forward to Dynasty Tactics. I just hope that KOEI doesn’t get away from the strategy games. Actually, they do well in Japan, so what I am really worried about is whether or not they will continue to be imported.

Right now the GBA seems to be getting more strategy style games than any other video game system. That’s not only odd but disturbing as well. I want to see some games that take advantage of the newer hardware! Gladius looks great, but as you said, Tyjenks, it is a long ways off, so it is hard to get excited too much (but have you read a preview? wow!). Has anyone played Growlanser? I thought about importing it a year back or so, but I didn’t for some reason. Now it will be released here. Any thoughts on that series? Would it be the kind of thing a strategy/RPG player would like?

Growlanser’s big draw is the Satoshi Urushihara art. As a strategy RPG series (from ex-Masaya staff, makers of Warsong/Langrisser), it’s fairly middling.

It has. Not for the PS2 though. That was the main reason I was following it. The PC has plenty of good strat titles and there is really no need to worry there.

It has been radically changed from what the Gollops (sp?) were doing. I have not been watching the development as closely as of late. One reason, I had not been able to access the site for the past week or so, but here it is.

KOEI has been a favorite of mine for years as well. I thought Kessen was pretty dull. Cut scenes and battle graphics do not a game make.