Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!

015 - The Unfeathered Episode
The TAGCast hosts are joined by returning guest Hybrid Havoc to take on a litany of game updates, their playlists, and the games they’re excited about coming in 2019!

Jason is streaming his addiction

Meanwhile, Chappers is streaming his first steps in Monster Hunter World for me!

My extensive interviews with the folks from Criterion Collection and the Criterion Channel streaming service for Home Theater Forum is now up. Feedback welcome! This was the first time I took podcasting gear on the road and had to deal with boomy rooms. Given that we are pretty stoked with how it went.

Just saw this. That’s awesome. Obviously you remembered the password!

Ha! Yes, I did. I haven’t posted enough but I will continue as I’m able. I keep forgetting to stream my Samurai Showdown sessions. Having a blast with that right now.

Our @Chappers is streaming again! This time it’s some puzzle game based on LOTRO called Druidstone!

Because I got in trouble in the OTHER livestream thread I will just say JM is streaming a pretty boring (because it is only him) 7 days to die zombie stream. The game itself is a pretty good survival/zombie thing that is fun to watch.

He’s on twitch for viewing though he says anyone is welcome to come help. He is mining rocks atm. Over and over.

017 - Dolby Arrrdio

The usual suspects and Fireman Batista chat about headsets, gaming audio, and surround sound. The crew also covers EVO 2019 news, upcoming releases, and an unexpected community question is answered!

Tonight! Witness a battle royale in Gladius between @Jason_McMaster, @Chappers and @justaguy2 on the fantastic Jason McMaster Twitch channel.

After that, we’ll have some Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, then, maybe some 7 Days to Die, maybe some Siege. The world is an exciting place!


Jason, Tony and I will be starting again on Gladius using our new found knowledge and a quicker game in one hour at 7:30 EST. Happy to have you all come and watch and listen to Jason’s entrancing sultry tones:

Oh nice,stream is still going on.

@KristiGaines @marquac @vinraith

McMaster is streaming this now.

What is it, GalCiv 4?

Aw I missed it! I was playing AOW: Science Fiction and was kinda getting into it. You know, it has a nice overall aesthetic.

I’ve been playing Fishing Sim World fairly seriously for the past couple weeks, and to better figure out what gear to use I started keeping logs using Google Spreadsheets. That turned into a blog, if anyone is interested. Mostly gear and bait comparisons, light on stats (so far) since I only have records on ~250 fish at the moment. I’m also streaming my fishing, although I’m not sure how interesting that is. :)

McMaster and Tom are playing Remnant: From the Asshes.

018 - This is Always so Hard

Our fearless heroes are joined by Duke to do battle with bugs, talk waifus, and cover all the news from Gamescomm. There’s contest drama and touching personal stories and just regular touching too!

I wonder if that was intentional or a typo…

That’s how it’s actually spelled.

Oh hey I did mis-spell it!

tee hee…