Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!

Jason, Tony and I will be starting again on Gladius using our new found knowledge and a quicker game in one hour at 7:30 EST. Happy to have you all come and watch and listen to Jason’s entrancing sultry tones:

Oh nice,stream is still going on.

@KristiGaines @marquac @vinraith

McMaster is streaming this now.

What is it, GalCiv 4?

Aw I missed it! I was playing AOW: Science Fiction and was kinda getting into it. You know, it has a nice overall aesthetic.

I’ve been playing Fishing Sim World fairly seriously for the past couple weeks, and to better figure out what gear to use I started keeping logs using Google Spreadsheets. That turned into a blog, if anyone is interested. Mostly gear and bait comparisons, light on stats (so far) since I only have records on ~250 fish at the moment. I’m also streaming my fishing, although I’m not sure how interesting that is. :)

McMaster and Tom are playing Remnant: From the Asshes.

018 - This is Always so Hard

Our fearless heroes are joined by Duke to do battle with bugs, talk waifus, and cover all the news from Gamescomm. There’s contest drama and touching personal stories and just regular touching too!

I wonder if that was intentional or a typo…

That’s how it’s actually spelled.

Oh hey I did mis-spell it!

tee hee…


Jm is streaming Griftlands with an open jukebox. FYI.

I am not his shill… but I have to admit he’s been streaming for 6 plus straight hours. He’s died so many times I have lost count. But you can request a song!

Streaming some Call of Duty Alpha right now…

Enjoy some Gears of War 4 with @Eric_Majkut and, yours truly, Jason “Alabama Thor” McMaster

Just noticed that the RiffTrax channel on Twitch is doing the original Night of the Living Dead (colorized, if that matters to the purists):

Fantasy General WHO? Oh, 2!

019 - What Really Grinds My Gears

The hosts are not joined by naMofNi as guest host this week. They rally to overcome the crushing disappointment. The discussion covers news, releases, and a touching Gears of War retrospective.

I reviewed the Logitech Pro X Gaming headset for HomeTheaterForum over the past few weeks. Spoiler alert, I reaalllly liked them. GREAT value for $129!

I’m celebrating 20 years of Dreamcast with a ghetto CRT and disc based stream of the system. You should even be able to hear the whirring and clicking of the Dreamcast GD-ROM drive!

I know Tom streams on a Monday so maybe use a Twitch split with both of us on?!

I’ll be watching chat on a nearby PC screen. It’s pretty ghetto but I think the games will look good. It may come and go here a bit at the start just in case it’s not up when you log in… I will be talking along with gameplay and sound running but will mainly let the games do the talking.