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I know I’m doing it right on top of Tom’s stream tonight, but I will be streaming Untitled Goose Game here in a matter of minutes. If you want to check out the pointless silliness, you know where to find it!

Thanks for the host, @Jason_McMaster!

Goose Game is fun, and full of clever stuff. I kind of wish it combined all the scenarios into one big open world to mess with however you like. Granted, some of the stuff you can pull only works in a mostly contained ecosystem…

Happy to help!

And missed it, dang.

Jason is streaming some Phoenix Point tonight.

021 - No Shirt, No Pants, No Online Service

studknckl joins the usual suspects to talk about the gaming news, October releases, Borderlands 3 settings, and to apologize for all things Nintendo!

So sad I missed it :(

I started too late. I’m going to start earlier next weekend!

However, I’m going to be playing some 7 Days to Die co-op with my wife! Join us!

McMaster is streaming some Disco Elysium tonight!

And I am eating tapioca pudding!

Oh jeez, I spent all day thinking it was Wednesday.

I really need to fix my sleeping schedule. At least I got to hear Jason’s goodbye, and then chill to some really cool vibes (who was that guy?).

Hey folks, I have the flu!!! So I’m passing the savings on to you. I think? I’m a little out of it.

Anyway, I’m streaming some more Disco Elysium!!! (this game is rad)

Hot Zombie Actions with @Eric_Majkut

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Some outer worlds here:

Playing what might be the scariest game ever made

Steam Backlog Manager the Game?

Jesus! You can’t just drop nugget that without preparing us first. I almost died.


Next up, for Halloween, Unwinnable is streaming Resident Evil 2 with commentary! It will be played by Yussef Cole and I’ll be doing commentary along with some others from our site!

Not the Best Choice, It’s the TAG Choice

In a world… filled with podcasts… four men take a journey… to discuss… the news… and The Outer Worlds!