Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!

Hope she enjoys it. She can read the look inside part to get an idea. It’s sort of military fantasy and a little isekai in an odd way. I expect some will really like it and others will bounce off hard.

Friends, Friends, in a few moments I’ll be returning to Mass Effect 2! Hope you can stop by!

Congratulations! I see that your book is part of Kindle Unlimited in Canada. Do you get some compensation when someone reads your book using that or do they have to outright buy it?

I’ll be playing some Barotrauma on the lovely and elegant Lonkley’s channel

Watch us die!

Also, @Eric_Majkut is streaming Tarkov, which I will also probably play

On my way!

Many of us are trying to find a way to get there!

Rumor has it that JM will stream Monster Hunter: Snow belt or Ice stream or Yeti takes over… something like that… tomorrow night. With an open Jukebox. I have a short date but I will be there, probably.

Thanks! Apparently I get payment from some type of superfund every month depending on how many pages are read. My hope is to finish the second book by this summer and then exploit hooked readers from the first book. :)

Let us know if he wears lifts.

You crack me up Bob

McMaster in da houseeee!

Friends, in a few moments we’ll be returning to Elite Force II! Hope to see you there!

Friends, in a few minutes we’ll return for more minstrel mayhem in Lord of the Rings Online! Then today at 4 PM Pacific, we’ll talk to the developer who ported 1991’s Rules of Engagement to Windows! Hope to see y’all there!

Friends, in a few minutes, I’ll try to finally pass my flight test in Air Hauler 2!

Friends, join me in a few minutes as I light an unnamed African nation on fire in Far Cry 2!

Friends, join me in a moment as I return to the wacky universe of Mass Effect 2!

Me and @Eric_Majkut and @biosc1 are playing some Tarkov


Jm is about to start streaming Monster Hunter world with old Mike – 11:45 on Saturday night (1-18-20) I know I know – no date… but heck those guys are sorta funny.

Ok it has gotten crazy.

I am NOT JM’s shill --but he is playing/streaming escape from tarkov. And there are some beautiful skies in that game. Streaming now.