Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!

Let us know if he wears lifts.

You crack me up Bob

McMaster in da houseeee!

Friends, in a few moments we’ll be returning to Elite Force II! Hope to see you there!

Friends, in a few minutes we’ll return for more minstrel mayhem in Lord of the Rings Online! Then today at 4 PM Pacific, we’ll talk to the developer who ported 1991’s Rules of Engagement to Windows! Hope to see y’all there!

Friends, in a few minutes, I’ll try to finally pass my flight test in Air Hauler 2!

Friends, join me in a few minutes as I light an unnamed African nation on fire in Far Cry 2!

Friends, join me in a moment as I return to the wacky universe of Mass Effect 2!

Me and @Eric_Majkut and @biosc1 are playing some Tarkov


Jm is about to start streaming Monster Hunter world with old Mike – 11:45 on Saturday night (1-18-20) I know I know – no date… but heck those guys are sorta funny.

Ok it has gotten crazy.

I am NOT JM’s shill --but he is playing/streaming escape from tarkov. And there are some beautiful skies in that game. Streaming now.

Friends, in a moment join me as I return to Elite Force II!

Streaming a 4-player coop session of Streets of Rogue in a few hours. We are playing it “Shadowrun Style” using the Low Health, Rogue Vision and Money Rewards mutators. Each of us is a classic Shadowrun archetype: Muscle, Stealth, Face, Special.

Tonight Mon 20 Jan, aprox 8pm to 10pm Eastern US time. Video will be available later.

Friends, join me in a moment as I try Project I.G.I. for the first time! Yay!

Friends, join me in a moment as I try the vertical first-person roguelike, 1001st Hyper Tower!

Streaming a bit o’ the ol’ Monster Hunter

McMaster? Check
Jukebox? Check
Monster Hunter? Check

JM appears to be casting. I will probably go over for the open jukebox. Good to see you guys if you are around.

Jason is so good at this game