Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!

LoL I know I know, I tried to get my cohost to cut it to two episodes but he’s a madman!

Thanks! We are having a lot of fun with it as a hobby

Watching JM now --Stationeer.

Space Haven looked pretty good , I wishlisted it.

@Jason_McMaster playing some Minecraft Dungeons tonight, and possibly other stuff!

Brian Rubin knows how to stream! He is playing some Northgard Co-op tonight!

Moon bases are very poorly lit.

On early, I have time to watch!

McMaster is playing some Odyssey , and me and @marquac are chatting.

Wha happa? Games and stuff

I will be there with oreos and milk!

Was streaming some LOTRO the other day and I noticed the ‘stats’ page in OBS showed 23% dropped frames.

Turns out I had to reset the stream encoder settings (as it showed two different NVENCs). I also disabled all the sources I had setup (for various games, but not active). and it dropped to 0% drop.

Image Quality is still terrible thought :-(


I stream at 1080p60 with these settings. I also use this screen for the actual scale:

Here’s a sample of me streaming at these settings:


Damn, that is crystal clear. Wonder why mine looks so grainy/poor. Maybe because I change the output resolution? Will try tweaking a bit and see if it works better today. With NVENC pressumably working now, I should be able to have low performance hit from it. In the past I used the x264 encoder on the cpu running at around 35-40% to get decent IQ, as the NVENC looked terrible at the same bitrate.

Gonna test with Nvidia recommended settings now for some LOTRO.

when I stopped in earlier I thought it looked good!

Cheers. Had a look at yesterdays recording and it seemed decent enough. Still would like to get a little less artifacts, maybe I can up the bitrate more, but not sure twitch allows above 6k.

Looking at the GPU usage it seemed like there was a lot of ‘breathing room’ there. I’ll try with “high quality” preset. The nvidia guide said it wouldn’t offer much.

Hey sorry I missed all this. First off, have you tried the auto configuration wizard in OBS (Tools -> Auto-Configuration Wizard)? It’s insanely useful as to pointing you to the right directions for which settings to use.

Next, after the next time you stream, create a log (Help -> Log Files -> Upload Current Log) and then paste the URL it gives you into this:

It’ll also help you narrow down any settings that need to be changed.

Don’t stress. It took me hours upon hours of tweaking to get OBS to where I like it.

Seems like the biggest change was ‘reseting’ my settings after I updated to OBS25, as even though I had picked NVENC (new) it somehow had all the wrong settings.

It looks much better now

You can back up your settings once you have it where you want it. I believe it’s File -> Open Settings Folder. You should then close OBS and copy the content of that folder to a backup folder.