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Friends, we’re back with a new milestone of Star Fleet II, version 1.7, which apparently ups the challenge more than ever before. Join me!

Friends, join me today as I give the space station building sim thing Final Upgrade a try!

Friends, join me as I give Emergency Call 112 – The Fire Fighting Simulation 2 (yes that’s its full title) a try!

Friends, join me as I try my hand at some politics in the aptly-named Realpolitiks II!

Friends, join us as we try Steam’s Remote Play Together for the first time with the amazing ADIOS Amigos!

Friends, now that we’ve rescued Nanoha’s father, it’s time for Itchi and crew to find his next bit of heroism in Yakuza: Like a Dragon!

My review of @Criterion Fast Times at Ridgemont High is posted:

Key Takeaways. The crop is right. The Soundtrack is GOAT. The pool scene holds up. @oliviawilde needs her own talk show. =)

Would you affirm that Stacey’s Mom has got it going on?

For literally 3 seconds of screen time, indeed she is on.

Friends, today in Star Fleet II, we’re going to do a practice mission in order to get some experience colony hunting. Join me!

State of the art in theater calibration 2021:

Friends, join me today as I revisit the first game in the Star Fleet series, Star Fleet I: The War Begins!

Friends, join me in a few minutes (because I’ve yet learned how to start OBS remotely) as I try the VR bullet hell game known as HeadCount!

Friends, join me as I try the logistics and transport game Voxel Tycoon!

Friends, I believe we’re now at the part of the game where Itchi and crew need to grind a bit. Let’s do some karaoke!

Two words: Baka Mitai. ;)

I am NOT a huge fan of this – I am hoping hell play Biomutant next week == but – Jm is playing Village: Zombie kills. And I have stayed loyal to him even after months of that Monster Hunter thing . Mostly because I like Mike. But don’t tell him.

Well ok JM is pretty nice.

Friends, today in Star Fleet II, we’re going to continue our practice against enemy colonies, the single toughest thing I’ve yet faced in the game.

Friends, join me as I give the new open-world post-post-apocalyptic adventure BIOMUTANT a whirl!

Streaming some Knockout City and Rocket League and CoD later. Hark Stream