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Fam, join me today as we give the randomly generated post-apocalyptic survival game a try in The Long Drive!

Friends, today we dive into the new, blocky, alternate-universe EDF and once again bring slaughter to those bugs who would dare try to defeat us.

Friends, I have no idea what’s gonna happen today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but we’re going to have fun regardless.

Yay, more Yakuza!

Loving it SO much.

I needed my fix, man! It’s been two weeks! ;-)

Meanwhile I’ve been dedicating every spare second to The Saboteur like it’s my job. Such an underrated game–takes a while to get going.

Friends, today in Star Fleet II, I’ll be using a new version of 1.8 to try and show off some new features while attacking UGA colonies.

Friends, today we’re going to try the SimTower-esque building building game known as StarScraper. Join me for the shenanigans!

Friends, join me today as we return to the darkness of the Warhammer universe in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground.

Friends, join me today as I try to actually hit something in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2!

Brian is gonna snipe a spaceship!

Please, I’m good, but I’m not McBain good.

I’ve gotta check out this movie. I wonder if the Simpsons’ Aaahnold knockoff was named after this guy.

Apparently not!

“McBain” was originally the name of an action movie character on The Simpsons , played by an analogue of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His appearance on The Simpsons predates the release of the film McBain , and apart from the name, the film has very little relation to the character.[1]
Nonetheless, the producers of the movie refused to give 20th Century Fox and Matt Groening’s production team clearance to use the name “McBain”. In order to continue using the character, the character resorted to using the name of the actor portraying McBain, Rainier Wolfcastle (the name “McBain” does continue to be used throughout the Simpsons universe, to refer to the character played by Wolfcastle).[2]

Weird. So even though the character from the Simpsons predates the Walken character, the live action movie producers somehow had rights to it already?

I guess maybe the Simpsons folks originally had plans to use “McBain” as the name of both the character and the " actor" who plays him, so they invented the Rainer Wolfcastle name (the last name being an obvious homage to Castle Wolfenstein), and that was enough to satisfy the other folks.

Yeah whole sitch is weird.

Friends, today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, it’s gonna be ALL about management! We’ve gotta save Ichiban Confections!

The rewards for doing so are very good, including the best one, which is a new party member. Have fun!

I’ve failed twice so far. SO TENSE!

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