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I wish the fishing part was actually as fun as the rest of it!

I’m going to try doing a mark-recapture experiment to figure out how many fish are in the lakes in Intergalactic Fishing. (Featuring PowerPoint and Excel! hahaha)

tfernando77 - Twitch

Here’s the estimate… Approx 500 fish in the random lake I was working:

Friends, today in Star Fleet II, it’s time to invade our next colony and bring it to its knees.

There are twitch drops available for New World. Twitch Drops and you can also earn these watching me but of course you don’t have to ;) My channel

Friends, join me as we try the space exploration anime game thing known as CyberHive!

Friends, join me today as we try out the TIE Fighter Total Conversion of X-Wing Alliance!!

Fam, today in Far Cry New Dawn, I have no idea what we’ll get up to, but it’ll be fun.

The kid and I are back doing improv after the COVID drought! We had a pretty fun segment last night, despite being a bit out of practice.

We start at 38:32 if the stream doesn’t FF automatically like the link is supposed to. The whole show was darn solid for an “improv open mic,” but definitely also check out Carskee at 1:02:00 if you like improv. They were our coaches and are awesome.

Friends, today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, we’re about to start a trek through a grueling dungeon. Let’s hope we survive!

I’m sorry I tried to watch it but something about they way they filmed it was just super annoying to me.

Well. You’ll just have to come see us live next month and you can frame the shots however you want. :)

Can’t wait!

Friends, today in Star Fleet II, out of five enemy colonies, we’ve conquered two. Time to get one more today.

Friends, today we’re gonna try something a bit different. Join me as I try An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs.

been streaming New World and will continue doing so. Wanted to share that the last few weeks and today in particular have been really crazy for me on Twitch. Got a raid/host of 2400 viewers randomly which was a pretty incredible shot in the arm, then today alone I gained the largest single jump in followers/subs/donations all together. It’s such an odd feeling. So currently doing Dead by Daylight on Xbox and New World on PC fwiw.

Friends, join me today as we take to the skies in our very own airship in Black Skylands!

Fam, today in Far Cry New Dawn, I’ve had a rough week, so I’m gonna take it out on the Highwaymen.

Friends, today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, we’re about to reach a very fun, very grindy part of the game. Join me!

JM is streaming escape from … Tarkov? More like escape from inventory management. Whatevs he’s always fun.