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Fam, today in Far Cry New Dawn, I’ve no idea what will happen but a lot of Highwaymen will perish.

There’s been some pretty horrific Zoom-based improv comedy over the course of the pandemic — some of which I was partially responsible for! — but I’m part of the cast of a show designed from the ground up for the online format, and the first episode last week was a lot of fun. It’s a pandemic parody of those horrific TV dating/matchup shows.

Next live episode is on Twitch Saturday at 11 am PT.

Friends, today in Star Fleet II, we’ll continue our mission of basically burning everything we find that isn’t ours to the god damned ground.

Friends, today we’re gonna visit some of the Far Cry 5 DLC we missed after finishing it a while back, starting with Hours of Darkness.

Friends, today we’re going to build miniature towns, and likely f-ck them up in Tinytopia!

So good at looping. ;)

Fam, today I’m going to play one of the few games in which I actually enjoy the ship-building, the recently out-of-early-access Space Scavenger!

Fam, today I’ll likely die a lot in the update to the classic roguelike, Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of Chaos!

Friends, today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, I’m hoping to progress the story just a little bit, but there are SO MANY SIDE THINGS TO DO.

Another random post to help Brian’s content feel less lonely…

I recently completed a 5-part play-through of the Agincourt scenario from the board wargame Men of Iron. Here’s episode 1 up on YT:

Ugh, apparently sometimes it’s a thing that OBS just decides to garble all audio through itself until it’s restarted. Ruined a stream and the local recording. How annoying.

Yikes, I haven’t seen it do that. Were you using hardware acceleration for encoding? I have made a laptop get overheated and crash, but never seen corrupted output alone.

Yeah, I’ve not seen that yet either, but … that’s probably not helpful. :) My most common problems are human error, like accidentally muting the microphone at the start of a recording and not realizing it until I go to edit the video. That’s super fun.

Yeah I know no one gives a fuck, but I’m gonna keep screaming into the void anyway.

I’ve never had this happen in all my years of using OBS. Are you using a second PC or separate mixer or some such?

Basic blue yeti mic plugged in via USB + main system audio. Same setup that I’ve been recording with for ages. But both mic and system audio had horrible distortion all the way through multiple real and test recordings…and promptly sounded totally normal after I closed OBS and started it back up. It was deeply bizarre.

Weird I used a Yeti for years without issue. I don’t use the mixer in OBS though, I use VoiceMeeter Banana. Might you wanna try that?

It was both desktop and mic audio, moreover. Basically seemed like the audio bitrate from OBS just universally tanked down to like 1kbps for the entire broadcast. Super, super weird.

Never tried VoiceMeeter Banana, but if I’m hoping to get a little more into this stuff over time, I should probably start to learn about things like that. . .

It’s so great, you use VMB to tweak all the audio sources and then send THAT to OBS. Much finer control that way.

Friends, today in Star Fleet II, we’ll continue our mission to smite the entirety of the UGA from this sector and take it for ourselves.

Friends, today we’ll continue sneaking around Far Cry 5’s version of Vietnam in the Hours of Darkness DLC!