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Man that is super confusing.

BF1? Was that you watching in the first hour? I had muted myself and didn’t even know. 😂🙄😬

Basically, you fight for the ground ahead of you or you defend it! As a Medic, I also was healing, reviving, killing, and capturing.

Once I got my mic sorted, my buddy showed up and we worked together the rest of the night. Good times. Replay will be there.

I was watching for a while, made a couple of comments. I’m FreshQu33blets on Twitch, which is also my Xbox GamerTag.

Friends, today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, we’re gonna grind more in the dungeon!

Ah! Good to know! Thanks! Yeah, I replied to you but you couldn’t hear me. 😖

That first battle was the Italians vs. the Austro-Hungarians. Italy kicked them out historically and WWI was the end of Austro-Hungarian power.

BF1 portrays it through the battle for the two fortresses. One in the Alps and then the second by the sea. Both have a lot of awesome sight lines and spectacle.

Friends, today in Far Cry 6 we’ll try and work our way off the tutorial island and onto bigger and better things!

Friends, this week in Star Fleet II, we’ve got some fun new stuff to play with that should greatly help me with my mission.

Friends, today in Far Cry 6 we’ll finally begin to cause chaos on the mainland of Yara itself.

Friends, join me today as I try the latest in the much-beloved strategy series, Disciples: Liberation!

Tomorrow at 8pm Eastern @Jason_McMaster gonna livestream some people playing G100|/|h4/3||

Playing what?

Omg it does not do backslashes!

Let’s try that again



Ah… Ok then. :)

Tom wouldn’t play, though. You know what he said? He said, “That’s a solitaire game. You can’t multiplayer that!” That’s what he said.

Friends, join me as I journey across space and time in Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality!

Pls join us (if you want) at

for some four-player Gloomhaven (see above for proper spelling)
tonight at 5 Pacific / 6 Mountain / 7 Central / 8 Eastern / 9 Atlantic / 9:30 Newfoundland

Friends, today in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, we’re gonna grind even more in the dungeon!

Good times with BF1 tonight. I was muted for the first hour because I’m a clown, but ultimately I realized it and my pal Nate got on and we had some great rounds of Operations. (And it turns out none of the chat came through… because we were in a private PlayStation chat as the game mandates for a squad. It’s all pure gameplay)

Lots of Medic gameplay to start. A little time inside a tank and later high above everyone in a Zeppelin. Some Assault later, and then lots of sniping on the open desert around the Suez and later in Egypt. I was missing a bunch of shots toward the end of the night as I got tired, but it’s still so satisfying to land those long ones.

Replay is here if interested…

Friends, no Star Fleet II today, so I feel like more murder in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. A lot more.