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Woah, do those Battle for Middle Earth games still install OK off discs and all that?


Yup, sure do, check out the thread we have here about it.




Hello my friends, and welcome to another great week of spacey gaming! This week kicks off something of an extended Let’s Play series. This week, all week, I’ll be playing the legendary space game, Space Rangers HD: A War Apart, and will do at least one entry a week each following week until I finish the game. I feel like a game this seminal deserves as much. ;) I also spent some time with the pre-release version of Sunless Skies, and boy did I run into a weird bug.

On this week’s Podcast (Tuesday, 6:00 AM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we have a morning (for us) show to talk to the folks behind the upcoming Master of Orion 2-inspired 4X, Interstellar Space: Genesis!

On Thursday’s LAN Party (Thursday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we’ll be giving the under-appreciated (so I’m told anyway) first person shooter Section 8: Prejudice a try, since apparently multiplayer still works (so I’m told)!

Finally, I’ve launched a contest for the soon-to-be-out-of-early-access space extravaganza, 3030 Deathwar Redux. Each day during my entry of the game next week, I’ll announce a winner, so you have all of this week to enter! Check out how to enter on our forums!

That’s it for this week y’all! Thanks for being awesome!


Tooth and Tail - RTS, Monaco devs, formerly Armada

I began to write today’s dispatch yesterday because there was just so much news! Soak it in, my friends. ;)


Double Dribble


Friends, today’s dispatch includes the usual bevy of news, a book review (of Star Crusader) and more Space Rangers!


Welcome to another week of spacey gaming my friends! First off, in this week’s installment of Space Rangers HD, I take up the pirate on a special offer they made (and wow, there’s barely a downside to it so far, really). Then, for the game of the week, I have just a delightful time with the fantastic 3030 Deathwar Redux.

On the Podcast this week (Tuesday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we’ll be talking to the developer of the super fun spacey colonization card game, Solar Settlers.

On Thursday’s LAN Party (Thursday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we’ll be returning to Pandora in Borderlands 2!

Finally, on our Monthly MMO Meetup (Sunday, 9:00 AM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we’ll be making our last monthly trek to the fantastic Earth and Beyond.

Thanks for being awesome y’all!


In today’s dispatch folks, there’s a ton of news, some sales, and a decent amount of ranting as well! Enjoy!



Here’s a video of last night’s stream!


In today’s overdue dispatch, there’s a TON of news, plus lots of gaming, even if most of it ISN’T spacey…


About to stream some Destiny 2


In today’s dispatch, there’s a ton of news, and I am also SUPER OVERWHELMED BY ALL THE RELEASES OF LATE. ARG. ;)


So, a question about the flamethrower: do you only get that (and frost bombs) from defeating Alien Rulers?


I think I got the Frost Bomb from research. The Flame thrower was an add on for the EXO suit


I’m kicking off a BattleTech mercenary campaign Let’s Play/AAR at my website, using MekHQ and MegaMek.


That looks interesting. I don’t really understand what’s going on, but I’ll be following along.