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Right, so I now have 10 000 views on my Youtube channel and ads are back on! I’m going to be raking in the fractions of cents!

It’s a bit late, but to celebrate here’s my Silent Assassin run of the penultimate Elusive Target in HITMAN:

This target is chosen randomly from three possible characters. You have to look up the hospital records to find out which it is, or just wait for a very long time for the game to take pity on you and tell you.


By request - The Long Dark by Jason


Took the 4th off. Here’s part 2!

And, uh, watch Tom’s stream tonight. It’s going to be… interesting.


Cool, that means you’re in for request Wednesday. I have no interest in playing this game, but watching you and Tom play it should be very entertaining.


Frickin’ bears


A bonus video this week - my view from the Qt3 PUBG game


Today’s Long Dark -


Tom and Jason playing Battlegrounds or Wildlands or The Division or any co-op bullshit shooty game is my jam.


I’ll be streaming Grimoire tonight the MOMENT it drops. Looking like 8pm-ish Eastern. This is an historical event. I will name characters after viewers and try to keep them alive for the full 600+ hours it takes to finish the game.


Damn, wish I could be online to catch that. Will you be putting up a videotaped facsimile?


Looking more like 7pm Eastern, if the Steam countdown is to be believed!!!


I can’t tune in either. You better archive this.


Same here. I’ve heard so many crazy things about Cleve Blakemore and Grimoire I’ve got to at least watch part of this.


Oh I missed this thread! Well, the most recent Three Moves Ahead was me interviewing an actual pilot (former Navy F-18 backseater) about board wargames about air combat. While the board wargame part may not interest many people, you WILL NOT BELIEVE what he has to say about how air-to-air missiles (real ones) work. And how to defeat them.

If for some reason you DO want to hear more about board wargames, I do a podcast every six weeks or so called Wild Weasel. It has a news section (what’s coming out in the world of cardboard fightings), an interview (three questions asked of some gaming luminary - I had @tomchick on the second show), and finally me talking for 15 or so minutes on some board wargaming topic. It is designed so each section is no more than 15-20 minutes long, and no show is over 45 minutes. I’ll just link the latest one here, but if you want to hear more, you can click on the Podcasts tag on the show page and it will take you to the rest. There have been ten so far, dating back to winter 2016.

Also, someone once called the show intro, “trippy.” I think that’s a terrible thing to say.


This may totally not be the topic to discuss it, but what is that intriguing piece of sound? It evokes Vietnamese jungle to me, but maybe I am investing it with all the Diên Biên Phù talk I am hearing when I am listening to your audio works, or watching your video ones.
I also haven’t gotten around to listen to the lastest 3MA episode, but I want to say my profound thanks for all the wonderful interviews you have made there in the last few years. Thank God, the F1 and E-sports hijacks attempts failed, while your wargaming and designers ones have been totally successful!


Welcome back to some spacey gaming my friends! After mostly a week off due to the July 4th, we’re back with all sorts of content. Now, this week will be a little different since the game of the week, Aurora, killed my motivation/enthusiasm after one entry, so for the rest of the week, I’ll be putting up entries covering Stars! (as something of a compare/contrast to Aurora), Overload and TIE Fighter! So yeah, this week will be all over the dang place, but hopefully it’ll be fun. :)

The podcast is back this week (Tuesday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), and we are super duper excited to talk to the developer of the Starflight/Star Control 2ish game of amazingness, Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures!

On Thursday’s LAN Party (Thursday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we’ll be returning to the amazing co-op mining extravaganza, Deep Rock Galactic, which we are super looking forward to since it’s so good even at this early stage.

That’s it for this coming week. Thanks for being awesome y’all!


Shadow of Mordor? Don’t mind if I do!


Man, I could not get into that game, and I really tried. I’m just terrible at Arkham-style combat.


Hahaha, no kidding about Aurora. I heard the Three Moves Ahead guys talking about it a few months ago and just from what they said I was shaking my head and saying “so much NOPE.” In the same podcast (if I recall correctly) they contrasted it with Distant Worlds Universe as the accessible game.


Oh God, Distant Worlds is a gentle breeze compared to the gale force winds that is Aurora.