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C’mon, back to Orc-slaying, you! ;-)


I think you’ll be pleased with today’s video!


Hey folks, welcome to another week of spacey gaming! I had originally intended this entire week to be taken up with 1982’s space conquest game Andromeda Conquest, but it’s so annoying to play I could only get two entries out of it before throwing my hands up in frustration. Therefore I’ve a hodge podge of stuff for y’all, starting today with the AMAZING Solar Settlers, then Interstellar Space: Genesis, then Space Tyrant, and I’ll close out the week with Andromeda Conquest. Stay tuned to the channel for those going live. :)

Speaking of which, on the Podcast this week (Tuesday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we’ll be welcoming the developers of the aforementioned Space Tyrant to talk about their fun, fast-paced “5X” game.

On Thursday’s LAN Party (Thursday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), it’ll be another board game night using Tabletop Simulator.

Finally, this coming Sunday is our first MMO Meetup to feature Earth & Beyond, and you can find all the details here on our forums.

Thanks y’all!


That dang old Mordor.


I was on checkpoints. Hopefully worth a listen. I was a bit hyper as I was drinking a lot of strong coffee at the time but it was a lot of fun. The archives are good regardless as there have been some awesome guests!


I have a new episode of my board wargaming podcast up:

And last week I posted the final video in my Dien Bien Phu series:


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That dang old Mordor.


I was inspired to start a whole new playthrough of this* using the second save slot, and I think I’ve found a bug. Namely, it seems impossible to find a Warchief’s bodyguard in this particular territory of the original game map:
No matter how much I run around and use “wraith [aka detective] vision” the guy never appears. My only shot at killing him is to try to start the mission to kill the warchief, then just kill the bodyguard and cheese it (scarper as you Brits in the audience call it).

*Played the heck out of it over the last few days and made it to the second map.


My perspective from the Qt3 Friday night Fortnite stream.


Streaming Fortnite on XB1 now, got the streamer/viewer quests working. Going to be streaming this at and if you also link your twitch to your game you can get special quests by watching. <-- self plug over.


sigh, somehow pressed a scene switch hotkey at some point and it made the screen blank and went an embarrassing amount of time before I noticed.


I’ve had to throw away a ton of videos because I was recording the top left hand side of the screen. I feel you.




A couple of previews for y’all!


Here’s a new Fortnite video for my zombie slayin peeps


Fornite looks like Minecraft survival mixed with GTA and Team Fortress. If it was an open-world thing with PvP rather than PvE, and a larger number of players it’d be pretty cool.




Hey friends, in about 30ish minutes, I’m gonna start streaming the classic spacey MMO, Earth & Beyond – which you can play for free – for an hour or two! If you’d like to learn more about the game (or join us in game), you can go here:

If you’d like to join our Discord and hang out:

If you’d like to watch:

Hope to see y’all there. :)


Welcome to another week of spacey gaming, my friends! This week brings us two games of the week for y’all! I also put up all the videos today, rather than one day at a time, since this week is gonna be a bit unusual (more on that in a moment). The first game of the week is the really fun twin-stick shootery idle clickery thing, Vostok Inc.! Then, the second game of the week is the latest in the popular Pen and Paper series of games, Galaxy of Pen and Paper. As my first Pen and Paper game, I’m just shocked and delighted as to how great the game is.

This week on the podcast (Tuesday, 6:00 AM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube), we have a morning show so we can talk to the folks behind the spacey buildey miney co-op game thing, Space Impossible!

That’ll be it for the week because I’ll basically be taking the next couple of weeks off. I’ll have a separate post with how that’ll affect things, but real quick, the site will mostly be dark for a couple of weeks save for some podcast reruns. Our communities will still be active, however, so if you miss me, feel free to stop by the Discord or Facebook Group to hang out. :)

That’s it y’all! Thanks for being awesome!


Congrats on the upcoming wedding, Brian!

“A couple of weeks off” indeed.


Whodor? Mordor.