Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!


It was maybe a little over-subtle.

I’m looking forward to watching your Nimbatus video, Brian. The little gifs I’ve seen have been mesmerizing.



I thought it was funny, fwiw


Do you ever do a “10 best games of the year” or something like that? You play so many games that I can’t keep up, but maybe you could separate the wheat from the chaff?


So, you liking this one so far? I’ve heard somewhat mixed reviews compared to the previous Wolfenstein.


Man, I hate listicles. Maybe I should have an overall curator recommended/not recommended page, not just on Steam. But it’s a start, if that helps.

Or hell, I could just add something to the wiki noting whether it’s recommended or not. Hmmmmmmm…


I’ll be streaming some Offworld Trading Company in about 15 minutes or so. Its my first time streaming, so it might be a little rough. I’d be happy if anyone could give me some feedback.


I really, really like this one! I’m not sure if it’ll end well, but about halfway through (I think) and I love it!


FWIW, as someone with a well-stocked backlarder to keep me busy, the question I’m asking isn’t “is ______ a good game?” but “what one or two 2017 space games do I NEED to prioritize over everything else I could be playing right now?” Or in @TimJames parlance, “what’s my next potential all-time favorite?” So I’d personally appreciate a traditional GOTY list over a repository of dozens of recommendations .


Pretty good stream, but you need to turn down the game volume. With all OTC’s sound cues, it was often drowning out your narration.


Thanks, I adjusted my sound levels in my latest stream. I think its better now, but I will continue to tweak it.



I’ll be streaming Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 in about 20 minutes. If you get the chance, please take a look and give me feedback (especially about the audio levels).

(edit: RCTC is not working with my streaming software, so I will be playing RCT3 instead.)


What happened?


Not sure. Whenever I booted up the game while the streaming software was running, it would crash after a few minutes. Its ok though, after playing RCTC recently, I think RCT3 is actually a much better game.



I’ll be streaming Majesty 2 in about 20 minutes. Its been years since I’ve played a Majesty game, but I have fond memories of them. Like always, please share any feedback you might have about the feed, especially about audio levels.


Recently picked up Bomber Crew, so I’ll be streaming that today. I’ll be starting in around 20 minutes or so. Please let me know what you think!


finally got affiliation invite from twitch, pretty happy overall but sadly 95% of my viewers were on mixer and part of the agreement is I can’t multistream anymore. (I was streaming to youtube/mixer/twitch all together simultaneously)

at any rate, expect a lot more consistent streaming from me. Will be CoD WWII, Ghost War, Fortnite and Star Wars BFII all on XB1X for the near future.


This is why I didn’t do Twitch’s affiliate thing. I like multistreaming too much.