Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!

McMaster? Check
Jukebox? Check
Monster Hunter? Check

JM appears to be casting. I will probably go over for the open jukebox. Good to see you guys if you are around.

Jason is so good at this game

The best! He tells us all the time!

I shall watch, and talk about snacks.

It is super late and JM is on Theraflu and cough syrup --but he is playing Stoneshard --the new pixel graphics tough rpg. On his stream.

It is the great day of Jason McMaster’s birth, OODALALLY!

Watching JM playing this crazy game -but he is threatening to play a bit of skyrim VR… I am sorta curious about that.

Next few hours.

He is playing Tarkov — but that is a very interesting game. With Biosc… I, for one, like this game but it has some slow load times. Post -date watching and it is fun to watch.

Streaming some Old Man Apex for another hour or two.

Playing sweaty on King’s Canyon

Friends, in a moment I’ll return to the campaign in one of the most unique space 4X games ever, Starships Unlimited! Join me!

Spoiler alert!

Friends, I’ve got some keys to give away for today’s game, Bloody Rally Show, so join me in a moment for a ton of violent racing!! :)

Well, I followed on three platforms because I was surprised I haven’t already (I’m in the patreon, lol, I just never watch streams).

It was fun watching you even though I got pulled away approximately 5 minutes after I started watching.

Edit: I personally prefer Mixer’s interface and streaming options if you’re seriously wondering about whether or not to go Twitch only. Not that my opinion matters because I never have time to watch the stuff. :/

Edit 2: Love the “Oh NOOOO! MOTHER! GOD!!! SHHHHHHHH!!!”

I started my playthrough of the fifth and last episode of Life Is Strange 2!

Friends, join me in a moment as I give the first-person real-time fantasy strategy game, No King No Kingdom, a whirl!!